Old Age, a Headlight of Love..!

The vet shakes his head as he looks at my old dog, Jeff, “He’s on his last legs!” he says and it is painful for me to hear that.
“What can we do to make him comfortable?” whispers my wife, and is told of a waterbed, to look after his aching joints, and painkillers to relieve his pain, “and plenty of love and care!” We all smiled despite the sadness, because that is something, we can overdose him with!
“Why are you keeping your dog alive? Put it to sleep!” said a neighbour later.
“This is the time for him to know how thankful we are for his life!” I said, “He’s guarded our home relentlessly night and day, waited for us to come home, when the children were studying abroad, and the only sign of welcome in an otherwise empty home, was his wagging tail, and whines of joy.”
Now it was our turn.
Forgive me, all you who are not fond of dogs or pets, for bringing them into my stories, and here let’s make a quick exit, and into the world of humans.
What an opportunity old age is, to tell those who have loved and cared for us, that this is the time, we will do the same in return.
So what if you mess the bed, or table. So what if you have to be fed, didn’t you do the same for us? Now sit back or lie down and enjoy being looked after.
It might be a bit of trouble, but wasn’t that the same trouble when I was a toddler?
“Bob!” says an old lady, “I don’t want to be a burden to my children!”
Is that how we look at our parents? As a burden? How sad. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to make them feel loved, that even as they are helpless, they marvel in your helpfulness! Even as they forget, they are grateful for the memories you bring up ever so often to make their days delightful!
And delightful they should be.
Smiles should light their faces as they get up each morning to face a whole day of love! Smiles, because they don’t see their age or helplessness, but you with a headlight of dazzling love!
And one day you’ll come home, and find them lifeless, and even as you grieve for them, you’ll hear a still voice speaking from the great beyond saying, “God bless my child, as he or she journeys without me!”
And those blessings remain forever!
I come back to my old Jeff, and gently pet his still huge head, and is that a chuckle I hear from his throat as he growls, “Master, looks like you’re guarding me in my old age!”
And we both laugh together..!
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8 thoughts on “Old Age, a Headlight of Love..!”

  1. I’m so thankful for Pavana today. God really blessed me with her as my wife. A caring and loving lady who looked after my parents, my Dads elder sister and my ailing sister with love till they passed away. Old age can be a curse especially if one is frail and sick. It can also be a blessing if we have loved ones like Pavana

  2. Yes, very well said. That’s how it ought to be. We must not bail out on those who have been caring for us in our hour of need. They surely deserve to be requited…

  3. Very touchy Article Bob…Metaphorising to the dog….In fact we all go thru this phase of life…Old Age
    And it is a Blessing if we have our Children to look after us…Because in todays days Children fly..N fly they must…
    We must be strong though to go thru old age alone often without our partner as I’m doing over 12yrs now stronger than before …

  4. This is such a lovely article Bob with a lovely reminder to take care of our elderly with love and without considering them a burden. Much required in today’s world of use and throw.

    Reminds me of a story of an old man who never missed his appointment with his ailing wife who had lost her memory. When questioned on why he still did it, he replied that though she might not remember him he still remembered who she is and what they had shared together. And that love kept him going no matter what

  5. By God’s grace my sons in law and daughter in law are as loving as my three children. Dogs are loving too. We too should be as loving as our pets were when young, towards them when they are old, as you have so rightly pointed out

  6. By God’s grace my sons in law and daughter in law are as loving as my three children. Dogs are loving too. We too should be as loving as our pets were when young, towards them when they are old, as you have so rightly pointed out

  7. Absolutely delightful! Being away from my ageing Labrador, Ziggy, has been one of the hardest things to endure in this Covid year! And I so dislike the word “burden” ageing parents use for themselves.

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