No Gold On Valentine’s Day..!

The price of gold’s gone up, the cost of diamonds too
So what do I get my beloved wife, what is it I should do?
I dare not get her clothes, they don’t seem to fit she says
I dare not get her gifts, they’re expensive these days.
So what should I get my beloved, what is it I should do?
The price of gold’s gone up, the price of diamonds too!

So I thought and thought and scratched my head, and wondered what to do
The price of gold’s gone up, the price of diamonds too.
I scratched my head and stroked my beard
Then came up with this thought most weird
Maybe the price of gold’s gone up, and that of diamonds too
But maybe my heart would do the job that all the gold can’t do.

So I’m gonna tell my beloved, it’s my heart you’re gonna get
So she will never ever tell me, Valentine’s Day I did forget
So here I’m all excited, it is my heart instead of gold
My own romantic heart, instead of some bleary gold.
I can see the smile that she will have as she sees my gift so true
Oh Bob it’s not gold or diamonds, if it’s your heart, then it’s really you.

But when today did come, and she saw my gift so true,
‘Ah sir,’ I think I heard her say, as to Delhi she did turn ‘I know that gold has gone up, demonetisation robbed him too
I’m sure he looked at empty wallet, then stroked his beard
And came up with this gift so weird.
But when will I get my gold, maybe a diamond too
When will our economy ever pick up, and make a woman’s dream come true?




DARE by Robert Clements.
It could change your life.

7 thoughts on “No Gold On Valentine’s Day..!”

  1. Forget gold and diamonds. Can anyone afford to cook a good meal for the spouse on Valentine’s Day with the present LPG cylinder price!?

  2. If LPG be so dear,
    Imagine Arshad’s fear !
    So much of it I take,
    My burnt offerings to make !
    He got me a cylinder as a gift
    From gold and diamonds I see the husband shift
    To a wiser and more vicarious gift !

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