No Bill..!

T he watchman at the gate told me a friend of mine in the next build-ing had had an acci-dent, and took me to the spot where the car was lying. I lifted the cover and saw the front had been severely damaged. “I hope he isn’t badly injured!” I muttered as I walked over to his house.
His wife was at the door, and let me in, she told me her husband had fractured his nose and a rib and was find-ing it difficult to breathe, ob-viously because of the frac-tured rib. My friend who had been lying in the other room till then, limped into the room, “Bob,” he said, “There was not even a sign saying the road was under repair, and I just drove into a ditch, the contractor had dug! One mo-ment I was okay, the next mo-ment I was finished!”
I spoke with him, prayed with the family and left their home, and pondered over what he had said as his words continued ring-ing in my ears, “One moment I was okay, the next moment, fin-ished!”
Yes, when catastrophe strikes, it happens quickly and swiftly. So, isn’t it important to thank God for the present good times?
A man reached 80 years of age and he had an infection in his ears, making him almost deaf. The doctors informed him an op-eration was necessary to cure this disease. He agreed to have the operation done as he could-n’t hear anything apart from the severe pain in the ears.
When the operation was com-pleted successfully, his doctor gave him the bill, which cov-ered all the costs. The old man looked at the bill and started to cry. Upon seeing this, the doctor felt pity on the old man and told him that if the cost was too high, they could make some other ar-rangements.
The old man said “I’m not cry-ing because of the money but because God let me hear for 80 years and He never sent me a bill!”
There’s no bill for the good health we have now and yet we whine and whimper be-cause we think we are not be-ing blessed enough. We cry for better things when what we have is better than many have.
There are so many blessings. We don’t realize its importance, until it’s snatched away from us. Take a little time off today, look around, and thank God for what-ever free gifts you are receiving, with no bill..!

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