A Mother’s Day Message from Mother India..!

you ma?” I asked
looking at my
mother and also
mother of more
than a billion, “It’s
Mother’s Day, be
I watched as the
mother of over a
billion looked at
the calendar furtively,
“I don’t
think I’ll rest till
the 23rd!” she said
“But today is your
day!” I said.
“Mother’s Day, should be a day of a
mother’s happiness!” sighed the
mother of over a billion, “That’s
when she knows all her children are
happy! But today I fear for some of
my own as I see them discriminated
by other children of mine!”
“You’re crying Mother India!” I whispered,
horrified to see my mother
“Yes my son! What pains a mother
the most is when she sees her children
pitting themselves against each
other, with some trying to say I belong
only to them. What hurts a
mother the most is when she sees
the blood of an offspring drawn by
another, she considers her own!”
“Yes!” I whispered, “I see this happening!”
“All my children are one! There is no
child of mine who can claim to be a
majority or is sidelined as a minority!
How can there be a division among
sisters and brothers?”
“And you feel May 23rd could see a
“On that day, there will either be the
beginning of more hatred and anger
enforced again by some children of
mine, or there could be a diffusing of
all that has been infused among my
sons and daughters in the last five
“I hope and pray your children will be
wise Mother India!”
I whispered.
“I was wrested from
the British over sixty
years ago, and given
my freedom! A freedom
that is precious,
and most of you are
children of a free
me! Keep me that
way, not bound and
fettered again to the
liking of any one particular
“You are mother to
all of us!”
“Yes! Yes!” whispered
the mother of
over a billion, “I am mother to all
who I have spawned and not just to
some! Please let that message reach
each of my children; that nothing,
not their faith, their colour, caste or
creed makes them less of a child of
mine, that all that matters is their
umbilical binding to me! Yes, you are
bound to me my children and I to
you, whatever others might say, and
those cords cannot be stretched,
torn or broken by anyone who thinks
they are more special than any of my
other children! Remember this,
whatever happens on the 23rd!”
It is a Mother’s Day message from
my mother and yours..!

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