Let’s Sting Ourselves..!

Was watching a video clip of a policeman caught taking a bribe and realized today is the age of sting operations, when we quietly film each other’s misdeeds! No minister, policeman or public official is safe as cameras come in all shape and sizes.
But what about turning those cameras on ourselves today. Let’s sting ourselves!
We may be shocked to find we aren’t too different from our politicians or others we criticize. That all they do is mirror the society they represent! We are no different as we drive past a red signal, pay bribes to get things done, ah it’s a slow change indeed.
Two men once visited a holy man to ask his advice. “We have done wrong actions,” they said “and our consciences are troubled. Can you tell us what we must do so that we may be forgiven and feel clear of our guilt?”
“Tell me of your wrong doings, my sons,” said the old man.
The first man said, “I have committed a great and grievous sin sire.”
“What about you?” the holy man asked the second.
“Oh,” said he, “I have done quite a number of wrong things, but they are all quite small, and not at all important.”
The holy man thought for a while. “This is what you must do,” he said at last. “Each of you must go and bring me a stone, which is the size of your misdeeds.”
Off went the men and presently the first came back staggering with an enormous boulder, so heavy that he could hardly lift it, and with a groan he let it fall at the feet of the holy man. Then along came the second, cheerfully carrying a bag of small pebbles. This he also laid at the feet of the saint.
“Now,” said the holy man, “take all those stones and put them back where you found them.”
The first man shouldered his rock again, and staggered back to the place from whence he had brought it. But the second man could only remember where a few of his pebbles had lain. After some time, he came back, and said that the task was too difficult.
“You must know, my son,” said the old man, “that bad deeds are like these little stones. If a man has committed a great sin, it lies like a heavy stone on his conscience. But if a man is constantly doing small things that are wrong, he soon forgets what they are, and does not feel any very great load of guilt; so he is not sorry, and soon they will stop troubling his conscience. So, you see, my son, it is as important to
avoid little sins as much as big ones!”
So as we sting ourselves, let’s look inward at all the small deeds we overlook, but which finally make us people with no conscience..!


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Sting Ourselves..!”

  1. No law for the lawmakers. The trend today in the circles where justice is bought and sold. Like the man with numerous small sins we also tend to justify our wrongs.

  2. When I point out sin of other person by one finger other four fingers are pointing towards me and we conveniently forget that.Our habit is to blame others without slight retrospection.I always say that I have lot of scope for improvment in myself.I should decide that first!

  3. Before seeing the speck in another’s eyes, we must remove the plank from our own eye, says the Bible. So we have to pray for others and ourselves to be kept from sinning by our Holy God. We can’t judge but must introspect, says the Word of God. David said, ‘Search me O God and know my heart today. Try me O Saviour, know my thoughts, I pray. See if there be some wicked way in me. Cleanse me from every sin and set me free. ‘

  4. Integrity is what we do when nobody is watching. If we abide by the truth and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit we don’t need anyone to keep watch over us but will stay on track always. It’s like an inbuilt compass that points us constantly in the right direction and guides us back if we go astray.

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