Laugh at Yourself..!

One of the biggest remedies to any situation is the ability to laugh at ourselves. We don’t have that ability and, so, half or more than half of the problems in our country arise out of the fact that not only can we not take a joke, but we cannot make a joke about ourselves either.
A close friend of mine, who’s an author and a playwright with an incredible sense of humour, told me of an incident that occurred when he had been called to speak at a women’s college. It’s a known fact between us right from college days, that a bathroom within close proximity to wherever he is, has him in the best spirits, and it was no surprise to me when he said that after reaching the girls’ college, where he was called to speak, he politely asked the organizers whether he could use their bathroom.
“They looked at one another,” he said, “and then told me that the only men’s bathroom was down three floors, but if I could go quickly, I could use the ladies toilet, before the bell rang!”
He went, and took a little more time than he or they had expected, or maybe, knowing him, forgot where he was.
The bell rang, and the next moment, he heard the voices of what he thought was the whole of womankind outside his toilet door. He froze. He knew that any attempt to get out would be met with shock and maybe outrage, and decided to keep as quiet as possible and wait for the ladies to leave. But leave they didn’t, and the clamour outside only increased with some even banging on the door, wondering which damsel was spending so much extra time inside. He also realized that the organizers were waiting for him. Finally, taking courage, he opened the door and burst out, only to be met with such a crowd, that he had to stop as they all gaped at him. “Nobody screamed,” he said, “They saw my startled face and giggled, and chuckled!” He ran out to the staffroom, where they were waiting for him, finished his now, cold coffee, and walked with the principal to the room where he was supposed to address the girls.
“I walked in and found that most of the girls were the ones who had seen me in their bathroom!” he said, “And for a moment I was shaken. Just for a moment!” he said, as he grinned, and continued, “Girls!” he said, “Hi, I’m sure I need no introduction, as we’ve all just met before in more pressing circumstances!” The hall resounded with laughter, leaving the organizers wondering what the joke was about. Needless to say, the talk was a resounding success.
He could have complained at the lack of a men’s bathroom, or scowled at the girls in embarrassment, but he chose to laugh!
We need too..!





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