Idol Worship..!

“Hey Bob!” I can hear many say, “Maybe this is a topic you should, ahem, avoid! It may, you know what I mean hurt the sentiments of many people!”
“Aha!” I tell the same people, “Maybe whose sentiments are going to be hurt are yours!”
What do I mean by idol worship here, ‘Any object or material possession, physical or otherwise that has become your object of worship’ is what I term as Idol worship!
“Your phone!”
“My phone, an idol?”
There’s this drawing someone sent me this morning of a Ganpati brought into a home, waiting to be worshipped, but the whole family is too busy sending or receiving messages on their phones. And that’s exactly what I mean; the idol that’s taken over is the phone!
It’s taken over time which has to be spent in conversation with loved ones, time to be spent in devotions, in meditation, but which time now goes into the numerous activities a phone has to offer.
That has become the idol worship of most of the world today.
The other day while speaking to a group of students at an engineering college in Mumbai, we went into the subject of addictions.
“Are there good addictions and bad addictions?” a student asked, and I left it to the students to answer, and one did by saying, “Any activity that takes over the balance of other activities is an addiction and is bad!”
It could be reading!
“What are you saying?” You ask, “Reading is good!”
But when reading become the idol you worship, when it takes over from time to be spent with family, or loved ones, it’s bad!
I know many dog lovers, and let me hasten to add that I am an ardent animal lover, but when I see someone going overboard with their love for animals at the cost of human relationships, I realise its become their idol.
Balance is what is required in everything we do. Any kind of imbalance will immediately tell on the person, his or her relationships and finally their life.
Even a nation cannot survive through imbalance. As a country, we have till now been well balanced, and the makers of our constitution saw that they created such a near perfect evenness. We need to see that this uniformity is not disrupted in anyway by those who believe there is only one way of looking at things: At the economy, at religion, at nationalism.
That kind of thinking is like an addiction. Unlike that family looking down at their phones, you, I and our political leaders need to look up..!





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