Killer Rage..!

…When I lose my temper, I lose my reason too;

I’m never proud of anything, which angrily I do..

The child looked at his father, who red with rage yelled into the phone. “You idiot, d’you know who I am?”
“Dad..” said the little boy.

“Shut up son, this idiot needs to be put in his place.”


“What is it? Can’t it wait?”
“Dad who is it?”
“A damn telemarketeer, trying to act impertinent!”
“Is he a big man dad?”
“He’s just a mere telemarketeer .”

“No dad.”
“What d’you mean no?”
“He’s a big man dad.”
“What are you talking about son?”
“Have you seen him dad?”

“What kind of stupid question is that?”

“Have you seen him dad?”
“I said what kind of a stupid…”
“He’s a big man dad.”
“What d’you mean son?”

“He’s got you dead dad.”
“Me dead? I’ll have him dead.”
“Dad you’re perspiring. You’re growing purple.”
“That man,”
“Yes dad, that man’s got you mad. Sit down dad”

“Why son?”

“So that when you have a stroke you won’t fall and break your head also.”
“Who said anything about a stroke?”
“Look in the mirror dad.”
“Okay son, you win. That man just got me mad.”
“He’s a big man dad.”

“He’s not.”
“He is dad.”
“How? Why?”

“He nearly killed you dad, without even moving from his phone.”

“I could have killed him.”

“No dad he could have killed you.”


“Yes dad?”
“Thank you,”
“Gee dad, I just want you alive..!”


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10 thoughts on “Killer Rage..!”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. If someone can make us angry, then he is more powerful than us.
    The perfect substitute for anger is assertiveness.

  2. Thanks Bobby for helping us introspect on the verse in the book on Proverbs in the Bible that tells us that a soft answer turns away wrath.Jesus,the Prince of Peace,created with love,in partnership with the Holy Spirit and the Father all of mankind, mind, body and soul. His love builds us up

  3. Nicely penned Bob Shows how easily we hand over control of our emotions to someone else by our reactions and don’t even realise it Lovely eye opener

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