Just One Choir Voice..!

There was once a priest who had his choir in the church which he looked after, and the choir was the best bunch of choristers that had ever graced the parish. People would not afford to miss the time the choir sang at different places. The priest died three days before a youth conference. He had helped the choir a lot during their rehearsals, helping to see the choir members were comfortable, encouraging the choir director and so on. So the priest cried out to God that he could not miss the day his choir was singing at the function and God said you can’t go back on earth but the day your choir will be ministering, I will grant you the chance to see them singing on earth. So the day came and the tale goes that God fulfilled his promise to the priest.
He listened and waited for the choir to break forth in song, for the crescendos and pianissimos for the harmony for which the choir was known all over. He waited to hear the voice of the soloist who he had himself encouraged, but what he finally heard gave him a shock.
What shocked the priest was that he could only hear one female voice amongst the whole choir. He turned with dismay; what he wondered was the problem. He asked God why he was only
hearing one voice yet people are rejoicing with the way they were singing…and God replied, “here in heaven we only hear the voices of those who sing in truth and in spirit and in right standing with my word…”.the priest cried and said what about the others? God replied,” they are doing it for prestige, for their own reasons, not for my sake so only those on earth rejoice, but the heavens are not moved by that.’
Like those singers, many of us do the same, don’t we? Going around doing social work, spending time helping the poor, helping in religious occasions, seemingly noteworthy things, but doing such with the motive of self enhancement and not for glorifying God. It’s a lesson for all we worshipers: Do not please man but please your Father who sees your heart, who sees every place you are at, who sees your commitment at his works. Otherwise all that you are doing here on earth won’t ever be noticed by a God in heaven…!

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12 thoughts on “Just One Choir Voice..!”

  1. Awesome article.
    I couldn’t stop reading it over again and again, a thought for today so subtly said in words.

  2. Loved the narrative, Bob . Takes us back to Galatians 1:10. How often our ‘good works ‘ are self directed! Yours is a brief thought provoking reflection. Thank you!

  3. Singing in the choir is self prestige, self glorification and self projection. This covers other fields such as social service, prayer groups, Church activities and what not. It’s only for self enhancement. We want praise from our fellow human beings. Sadly we are neglecting our Creator, our Designer and our Maker. We have forgotten what He wants from us. Honesty, Sincerity, Humility and Integrity.

  4. I told my daughter that just being active in church with no spirituality is like a chicken running around for a while even when its head is cut.The fruit of the Spirit gets us to heaven. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are given by God. If used for His glory, one is rewarded.If not, one is condemned. God is just.

  5. Enlightened by the story. What a concept n so very true.

    Reminds me of David n his love n devotion towards the God of Israel. David is my favourite.

  6. This is beautiful and so true Bob If the heart is focused on God, everything else falls into place and becomes meaningful

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