Judases Of Maharashtra..!

Even as we, those who support and do not support the BJP look at the nephew and wonder how he could have betrayed his own uncle, my mind goes back to a play I wrote many years ago, titled ‘The Kiss’. In the play, an actor playing the role of a preacher starts preaching a sermon on Judas and his great betrayal.
As the preacher gets more and more emphatic with the betrayal done 2000 years ago with the help of a kiss, in saunters a young man dressed in the garb of a Jew. He walks up to the pulpit where the preacher is preaching and says, “I kissed my Lord once, whereas you people continue to kiss Him in betrayal every single day!”
And that is the thought I’d like to leave you with today: In this great Indian drama that is being played out both in Delhi and in Maharashtra, who is the Judas?
I am not even going to give a fair trial to Artful Ajit, Agile Amit, Shifty Sharad or others, but will go directly to what Judas said in my play: “I will prove Preacher, that it is you people who are the real Judases of today!”
Yes, dear people, readers, whoever you are it is we who are the betrayers!
We, who are watching this drama and enjoying it like a TV serial, a soap opera, even calling it twists from the Game of Thrones!
We, who think that the bestowing of a Chanakya title on someone is like making a hero of that person.
We, who instead of protesting about treachery and betrayal, are sitting with fingers clenching the sides of our seats wondering what new scene tomorrow will bring while cheering and applauding their sinister chess-like moves!
In the colony where I live, I brought in a ‘Fair Play’ award, given to the cricketer who walks! Yes, walks back to the pavilion even before the umpire gives him out.
This was instituted to reward kids doing the right thing, without being told to do so, by an umpire, policeman or judge. I dread to think what those same children are learning from what is happening today! That being clever and cunning makes you a winner? Oh sure, you may win the battle of immediate success but dear friend you will lose the war on character. How do you want to be remembered later, as a ‘Wily Fox, or ‘Honest Abe’ like Abraham Lincoln is still known?
Judas said to the preacher, “Stop kissing!”
Stop encouraging this ‘ terrible tamasha’ YE Judases of Maharashtra, or we will breed a generation of young Machiavellian Monsters ..!




4 thoughts on “Judases Of Maharashtra..!”

  1. So true, we are the betrayers who keep betraying the truth by applauding and simply watching the wrong. Yet, politics is a game for cheats

  2. I thought so far that Bob’s Banter was an enjoyable read but have now realised it is very political and what is read in all newspapers. I want some good banters.. Free of political thoughts and one that makes the day move forward easily

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