Joining Mr Kapoor On the Terrace..!

As maids and domestic help get scarce and expensive, it won’t be long before what my imagination just conjured up soon becomes reality: I looked up to see the wife trudging across the living room with a bucket of clothes to be washed “Hey!” I asked “Where’s the maid?”
“She left, “said the wife bitterly.
“Left?” I asked, “but she was here just yesterday. I heard both of you jabbering away in the kitchen like the best of friends.”
“We were the best friends, till you came into the picture,” said the wife even more bitterly.
“Whoa, whoa!” I shouted. “What picture?”
“The picture on TV last night,” said the wife breaking into tears.
“What d’you mean?” I asked. “Morning, noon and night, that’s all she does, and now you say she left because she couldn’t see last night’s movie? What have I got to do with all this?”
“Everything, “said my wife, “yesterday she wanted to watch her movie and you came home early, and she had to leave our bedroom!”
“Of course, “I said “I told her to watch the movie in the sitting room!”
“She doesn’t like the sitting room T.V.” said the wife, “She feels the colours are not crisp enough and the sound not very clear. She also likes watching movies seated on our bed!”
“Ye gads!” I shouted, “Next she will want to sit on my rocking chair! Why she may even read my morning papers and ask me to make her, her morning cup of tea!”
“Inconsiderate man! “shouted the wife, “I wish I had lost you and not her!”
I watched the wife as she trudged across the room with a broom in her hand. I watched my oldest daughter walk behind with a duster. I saw them both looking at me like some sort of a monster.
“So,” I continued, in no mood now to read my newspaper, “has she got another job?”
“Yes,” said my wife, “she has!”
“And who is she working for?”
“For the Kapoor family in A Building!” said the wife.
“The Kapoor family!” I exclaimed “they have got only one room and a kitchen. How is madam the maid going to watch T.V. without being disturbed by Mr Kapoor?”
“Mr.Kapoor is not as selfish as you, he has agreed to sleep on the terrace during the nights, so that the maid can watch her favourite shows,” shouted the wife as my daughters nodded.
I watched as my wife and two daughters walked with buckets in their hands and anger on their faces and realised it wouldn’t be long before I also would be forced to join Mr.Kapoor on the terrace!
I wondered whether Mr Kapoor snored at night..!





7 thoughts on “Joining Mr Kapoor On the Terrace..!”

  1. Hahaha Bobby lovely humour. In today’s world maids are surely precious much more than the hardworking poor husbands ????

  2. The husband need not go to the terrace. He has a better option for maintaining harmony in the family. He can go to the kitchen instead, do the dishes and make nice hot cups of coffee for the wife and the maid.
    PS Believe me, I am not telling my story. Situation has not come to such a pass in my case ?

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