Introducing My Best Friend..!

….For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of Man be ashamed when he shall come in his own glory… Luke 9: 26
“Hi Mahesh!” I said and smiled at my old friend as he came and sat next to me in the park, then smiled at a new friend I’d met just the day before, “Hi Kumar, how are you, have you met Mahesh?” Both shook hands with each other, “Mahesh is a banker,” I explained to Kumar, “And Kumar is a stock broker!”
“A stockbroker!” said Mahesh, “How interesting!” And I watched as both started a conversation with each other.
I was just going to move when I saw my old friend Mohan, “Hey Mohan!” I said, “Meet my two friends, Kumar and Mahesh!” I completed the introductions and saw a familiar figure standing a little aside, “Hi Jesus!” I said, “Wait a minute and we’ll walk together!”
“Just you and me Bob?”
“Yes Jesus just you and me, like we walk each day!”
“But Bob I want to be introduced to your friends!”
“They’re not your type Lord!”
“But they’re your type?”
“Well not exactly Lord, but I get along well with them!”
“And you don’t think I will?”
“Like I said…”
“They’re not my type right?”
“Yes Lord!”
“Or is it that you think I’m not their type?”
“Lord you’re making it difficult!”
“Bob, I meet you here every morning! We walk together, we talk to each other, you share the innermost feelings of your heart with me, but when I ask to be introduced to your friends, you refuse? Do you know why? Because you are ashamed of me!”
“You must be joking!” I exclaimed loudly, “How could I be ashamed of my best friend? Of my Lord and God?”
“That’s exactly what I am thinking!”
“How can I be ashamed of someone who gave his life for me?”
“You’ve hit the nail on the head! You tell me Bob?”
“What I’m saying Lord is that I’m not ashamed of you! That I’m proud to call you my friend. I’m grateful for what you’ve done for me!”
“Then tell them!”
“I do that in church don’t I?”
“Do it everywhere! Here in the park, in your office, at home, in your club, everywhere!”
“Tell them what I’ve done for you. Maybe they also need me to do the same for them. That Kumar over there looks like he could do with me, Mahesh needs me in his life, I could change Mohan quite a bit! Come on Bob introduce me please! Introduce me to your friends, let me change their lives like I changed yours, Bob come back…Bob..!”


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3 thoughts on “Introducing My Best Friend..!”

  1. Thank you for reminding me of aGreat Commission God has entrusted us with It’s mandatory to fulfill it. I have to be willing to lose my life forHim if I want life eternal. If I try to save life that’s temporal, I’ll lose it.

  2. Lord help us to involve you in our conversation with others ,we need to understand that it’s the best we could do for them. If we truly love you then it will not be difficult.

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