Insuring Your Assets..!

A few years ago I read that Holly Madison, the former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, insured an attractive part of her body for 1 million dollars. She said that she insured her famous assets with Lloyd’s of London to protect them while appearing in her Las Vegas production, ‘Peepshow’.

One million dollars!

I can imagine insurance people all over the world, jubilantly realizing that here is a wonderful opportunity to garner insurance policies: Just go across to everybody, start frightening them about what they value the most.

“Sir you have a good handshake!”

“Thank you, thank you, it took me many hours of exercising to get these hand muscles!”

“It would take just a fracture of a finger to lose all that hard work sir!”

“Why do you say such terrible things!”

“We do it for your own good sir. Let us insure that hand for you, that in case you ever lose that grip, you will be compensated.”

“Yes, without this handshake of mine, I will be devastated.”

“Not if you insure it sir!”

And the insurance man goes across to a Miss India contest. “You have a lovely smile ma’am!”

“Thank you, thank you!”

“But a jealous boyfriend could ruin it. So many cases of ex-boyfriends throwing acid, you know. Tut! Tut! So sad!”

“What a horrible thing to say!”

“No ma’am it is better to be prepared for all eventualities!”

“So what do you suggest I do? Wear a mask?”

“Oh no, those lips are meant to be seen, but have a look at this policy!”

And the insurance people are overjoyed.

Till one day, they meet this good-looking guy, or it could be a girl too.

“Hi sir, what a wonderful physique you have, you look like Dara Singh!”

“Thank you!”

“But sir, imagine if you had a motorbike accident!”

“I guess a fracture here and there is part of life.”

“Imagine sir, if you could never walk again, and people came and saw you in bed, what would they see?”

“Why me ofcourse. Maybe a little bandaged. Maybe a limp later: All my muscles gone, a few burns!”

“Doesn’t it sound horrible? Don’t you think you should be compensated for all you have lost?”

“No,” says the man or is a woman with a gentle smile, “No injury, or accident, no burns or acid, will ever be able to destroy my character. I will be the same, and people will see me the same way. There’s no need for insurance, because once you build character, nothing can take that away from you!”

The insurance salesman scratches his head and goes to his boss, “Sir, how do we insure character!”
“Character is an insurance by itself,” says his boss, “Once a person develops a strong character, he has the best policy to fight any catastrophe, any calamity and whatever change life brings him or her..!”


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10 thoughts on “Insuring Your Assets..!”

  1. True…Character not only insure self but also other’s life to through deeds.It seems that Fear & insurance are doing very well in today’s world .

  2. OK in this situation, but for your home,precious artifacts/possessions you still need to have insurance.
    I am sure you too have some insurance or other!

  3. Yes Bobby, character is a legacy we pass down the generations and become a blessing to everyone who’ll bless God for us. We’ll find favour with God and man as Jesus did growing up too, like the Bible tells us.

  4. In this world fraught with uncertainty, your own hard work and HIS blessings are the best insurance. Use all your skills, make good money, acquire good things of life righteously and leave your resources for future use for yourself and pass on your good things to future beneficiaries. That is the best insurance. Be a benefactor rather than a recipient. Thank you

  5. A person with supreme character traits doesn’t need any insurance whatsoever. On the other hand he or she is the insurer for the less privileged and handicapped ensuring their comfort and welfare.

  6. We should be more concerned about our character than our reputation. Character is what we really are, while reputation is merely what others think we are.

  7. I remember a terminally ill aunt who was offered a life insurance policy.. her reply.. “I am a Complan boy!“

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