In Safe Custody..!

“Hey! Hey what are you doing?”
“Taking you into custody sir!”
“But do you know who I was?”
“Yes sir, that is why we are taking you into custody!”
“But this is no way to treat a former minister!”
“We have no choice!”
“Who said that?”
“Who said what sir?”
“A lady’s voice just spoke to me in Tamil!”
“It is me!”
“You? You’re the one who took over my post. Why have you taken me into custody?”
“For questioning!”
“I have answered everything in the last questioning! Are these different questions?”
“Okay, ask!”
“How do we get the economy back into shape?”
“You were the one who made the ‘Dream Budget’ weren’t you?”
“So please answer my question!”
“How do we stop businessmen from committing suicide?”
“You want me to help you with answers to such questions?”
“How can we get people to start buying cars again?”
“Why are you asking me such questions?”
“Didn’t the economy grow under you?”
“Can you unlock my handcuffs?”
“Because that will be the first step towards the economy growing again!”
“By removing your handcuffs?”
Yes ma’am, I hope my Tamil is chaste enough for you to understand, but by unlocking my handcuffs, removing the gags on writers, taking off the blindfolds from the eyes of a gullible public, by lowering your rhetoric of hate, and by checking your need to have revenge on all who don’t agree with you, will be the beginning of getting the country back to shape! Here I’m holding out my hands, remove my handcuffs!”
“I can’t!”
“Then madam, there’s nothing I can do. Only when you and your friends stop concentrating on handcuffing, blindfolding and gagging, and start concentrating on the real issues at hand, also change your focus from brawn to brain, then and only then will our country have a dream economy again!”
“What did he say in Tamil ma’am?”
“He said nothing..!”





5 thoughts on “In Safe Custody..!”

  1. The guy has looted a mind boggling amount of money, property, network of optician clinics all-over India. Handcuffing is nothing compared to what any commie country would have done!!

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