Husband Exchange Offer..!

“A kind salesman has offered to visit our house,” said the wife to me.
“What kind of kind salesman?” I asked.
“He’s going to tell us what we need to buy!”
“A salesman is going to come to my house and tell me what I need to buy?” I asked incredulously, “You think I don’t know what we need?”
The doorbell rang and my wife hurried to open the door, “New doorbell needed,” said the salesman opening an order book and writing, “This one sounds like it’s been here from the last century!”
“It’s been here from the last century,” said the wife quietly, as I scowled at her.
“And what’s that?” asked the salesman.
“My music system,” I said, “And lovelier music I have not heard from any other set!”
“Maybe,” said the salesman, “But such a gigantic, monstrosity in your living room? Haven’t people laughed when they see this?”
“If they do, I’ll…”
“Where’s your TV?”
“In the bedroom, isn’t that where most TV’s are?”
“Yes, when you don’t want to show off your latest LED, one hundred and fifty inch screen!”
“One hundred and fifty inches?” I asked aghast, “This is not a theatre!”
“Home theatre,” said the salesman simply, “Haven’t you heard of that phrase?”
“I go to the theatre when I want to get out of my home,” I said angrily, “I don’t need to bring the theatre home!”
The salesman looked at my wife with a sympathetic glance, as she looked at her toes.
“We have a few package deals sir!” said the salesman, “You may decide depending on your budget. We will either change everything completely or a few things here and there. Here, have a look!”
“I don’t want any of your packages!” I said, “You may leave!”
“Then we’ll have no option but to offer madam the last exchange package, which we reserve for such situations!”
“What package? What situations?” I asked hoarsely as I scanned the sheet.
“Exchange offer of a new husband, along with all the other goodies!”
I could swear I saw the wife smile as I hustled the man out of the house. The wife came back after half an hour, “I took the second deal,” she said, “TV in the front room, new door bell, and latest music system. I could never think of giving you away!”
I quietly watched them change the doorbell the next day, thankful I hadn’t been exchanged..!


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4 thoughts on “Husband Exchange Offer..!”

  1. Sir you’re lucky that you gave her freedom to exchange the needful or you’ve been exchanged! Make sense ?

  2. Hahaha! That was a funny story. Humorous response by Anchees. ???. I too prefer to carry on with the things that are working,.to avoid having extra things we’ll need to find space for since resale value’d be low

  3. ? I look back with nostalgia at all those reassuringly solid gadgets that you could confidently take apart and reassemble on a Sunday afternoon. They could be gently encouraged to go on, and on, and on with just a replaced spring or screw, a drop of Singer oil, a lick of paint…. I now have maintenance contracts for everything from my phone to my person!

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