Forwards and Rituals..!

Throughout the night they wait, these creepy crawly FORWARDS!
They hide In cyberspace, these monsters, waiting for the crack of dawn, and with the sun’s first rays, they scream, shout, and pounce on unprepared me with whoops, and blood curdling battle cries and fill my Whatsapp inbox, till choked and strangled other important posts cry out to free them from these gatecrashing invaders!
Who be these invaders but an army of forwarded ‘good mornings,’ ‘have a good Day,’ ‘happy birthday,’ ‘like you,’ ‘love you,’ and other readymade matter! Truly an invasion, thoughtless, senseless, useless!
I value the person who sends me a greeting, painstakingly written, but when someone forwards something he or she just forwards, then like a viral infection it clogs, festers, creates havoc for others!
Yes, I do forward to friends on very rare occasions topics I feel they would value reading, but the ‘carpet bomber forwarder’ doesn’t do that, he trains his ‘forward’ machine gun on an unsuspecting public and sprays them with gay abandon! Very often I’ve sent a response to them and found no reply cause it’s a one-way street, no conversation, they’re not interested in dialogue, only on turning the garden hose and watering me with useless forwards!
We do the same thing with God:
We carpet bomb the Almighty with meaningless Forwards called Rituals! “Say ‘twenty Our Father’s before you enter the exam hall son!” cries the mother to her exam going child, and thinking it is a magic mantra her son repeats it twenty times!
Why, forty times, for luck!
The Lords Prayer or ‘Our Father’ is a prayer full of meaning, and is worship, invocation, and a plea to God, to be prayed, with total sincerity, meaning and conviction, but in repeating it without meaning, we actually mock God!
So too, with other rituals; they were placed to bring deep spiritual thought into worship, not to be done mindlessly.
Sincerity, earnestness, and seriousness go into a greeting, and the same with worship.
Here’s another touchy part of a forward, it’s also sent by many to show off!
“See what I listen to!”
“See what I read! How intelligent I am!”
And then waits for you to acknowledge it with a thumbs-up. I see the same grand show among the pious ritual followers; who tell others how often they fast, how often they pray, how often they go to their church, temple, mosque or gurudwara!
Their chanting, their loud prayers are heard by everyone below, but God whispers from above, “Please stop these forwards, just give me your heart..!”





6 thoughts on “Forwards and Rituals..!”

  1. Never trust forwards which start with “today is the birth anniversary of so and so” It will never be true
    Just today I got a forward:
    “Today is the 84th birth anniversary of Madhubala, Please enjoy her timeless beauty in this compilation of song in this video”
    Actually she was born on 14 February 1933. In other words, this message has been going around since two and a half years and has reached me only today and for how many years it will continue is anybody’s guess. 😊

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