Dead Mobiles..!

Most psychologists say that this lockdown will help bring families together, but I doubt that will happen as long as our mobile phones keep us company..
And I mischievously wondered what would happen if suddenly all mobile phones went dead:
A husband and wife sit down to lunch. He, glued to his expensive phone looks at his wife in shock as she also holding hers looks back in horror.
“Hello! Hello!” he shouts.
“Hello! Hello!” she also shouts into her cell.
“No network!” he shouts at her.
“Dead!” she shouts back.
They look at each other then stare at the food on the table. They eat in silence for awhile then he looks up, “who are you?” he asks.
“My wife!”
“You mean, you are…”
“Oh my God! My husband! How are you Mohan? We haven’t spoken to each other in….”
“Three years since I picked up my iPhone, and your brother gifted you a Samsung!”
“Where do you live nowadays?”
“Here. And you?”
“Here too! How are the kids?”
“I thought you’re looking after them.”
“Me? How can I? I’m busy on business calls when I come back from work.”
“And I messaging my friends! Who are these two at our table?”
“Excuse me!” asks Mohan.
“Yes dad?”
“And you?”
“I’m your daughter mother!”
“Our son and daughter! Look how they’ve grown,” says Kamala to her husband. “How come you both are here?”
“Phone’s dead so….”
“We left our rooms…”
“You two on the phone all the time?”
“Just as you two are on the phone all the time!”
“How about your exams?” asks Mohan to his son.
“Dad, I placed my report card before you two years ago, but you were busy…”
“On the phone..” says his daughter.
“What a lovely reunion!” exclaims Kamala looking fondly at her two children, then stretching out and hugging her husband.
“I feel so happy too!” says Mohan beaming at his family.
“Listen!” shout the son and daughter and father and mother together as they run to their rooms. “The phones are working again!” they all exclaim.
“Whoopee!” shouts Mohan as he picks up his phone and dials.
“Hello Neeta!” says Kamala as she sends a message on her phone and settles down to a long chat, “wasn’t it awful when our phones went dead..!”
Like I said….


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6 thoughts on “Dead Mobiles..!”

  1. Poor fellows, many are hypnotized with phones, so, no idea whats going around in nearby. Bob, make lighter your exeggeration, and make up stories, yet I love to go through your composed stories, Haha???

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