And as I opened the papers today, I was startled to see a former Madhya Pradesh minister and Congress leader Jitu Patwari tweeting that the ruling party had given birth to five “daughters”- noteban, GST, inflation, unemployment and recession- in its bid to beget a “son” called development. In other words he meant that five daughters were equal to one son!
Is that how we think of girls in India?
And so I decided that instead of writing an article today, I would allow you my dear readers to hear my daughter Varuna Clements Thalla, a former TV News Anchor with Bloomberg interview me, on the subject of bringing up daughters: So just click on the link below and listen to both of us. I hope Jitu Patwari also listens to this:

Click Here


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10 thoughts on “Daughters..!”

  1. This is an amazing conversation between a father and daughter! Be assured. Your daughter is equal to 5 sons. Perhaps even more!!!
    Contrary to some stupid people equating 5 girls to a boy!
    It is frequently mentioned that it is the mother that is most important in a child’s formative years.
    This is not so . Both mother and father play equally important roles complimentary to each other !

  2. I like it that you so fairly include the mother as the partner in the success of parenting of your girls.I too woke my father up from his sleep if I woke up at night. Daughters are their daddy’s girls usually.Nice.

  3. Today’s was unusual n superb. You and your daughter spoke so well. It was treat to the ears.
    God Bless you and your family Dear Bob.

    1. Bob,we were so delighted to hear the outpouring of the heart of a father & daughters love, bonding,blending & wonderful understanding & priceless & precious relationship,a lasting legacy of upbringing & fond memories to relive & enjoy,thanking & praising Our Lord Jesus for all the Blessings in Abundance,he has bestowed on us.Amen.

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