Cheers to the Unknown Many..!

I was at a dinner the other day when the speaker a small dapper billionaire, who had built up an empire, spoke at length about his humble beginnings. “I owe my success,” he said, “to my mother, who was just a municipal teacher. But she though widowed in her early years, taught me courage, and instilled in me values that made me aim for the stars!”
I wish that mother had been there to hear those words.
So often, I have heard women tell me how frustrated they are, because they could not continue in their careers. “I would have been a brilliant cardiac surgeon,” said one, “but with my small children, I had to give less time to my career.”
“I would have been a research scientist,” said another, “but had to settle for a teacher’s post, to be able to be at home before my child returned from school!”
And so with men. I know the story of a man who declined to receive a big promotion, because that would take him away, time wise, from his family. He continued in his job as a manager, and spent quality time with his children. They loved what he did, because he was there for them, in their baseball, cricket and in the library choosing books for them.
There is a poem, I read which I would like to use here.
To the Unknown Many
I raise no glass to the man whose fame
Has spread from coast to coast,
Whose talents have served to place his name
With those, men honour most.

My toast is not for the lady fair,
Whose grace and charming ways
Have set men marveling everywhere
And won her kindly praise.

I raise no glass to the hero who
Has won deserved applause,
Who has done as the brave alone may do
In a daring, righteous cause.

I raise no glass to the hero who
Has won deserved applause,
Who has done as the brave alone may do
In a daring, righteous cause.

I drink no health to the one whose voice
Mankind shall ne’er forget,
Whose genius has made the world rejoice
And left in her debt.

I raise my glass to the silent horde
Spread o’er the world expanse,
The unknown many who might have soared
But time and love to their family showed.

Yes let us today raise our glasses to this silent majority.
Cheers to the unknown many..!
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3 thoughts on “Cheers to the Unknown Many..!”

  1. Thank you for this tribute Bob Am sure each one of us have unsung heroes in our lives without whose sacrifice and silent presence we wouldn’t be who we are today. The least we can do is to acknowledge and appreciate them for the silent but powerful role they have played in our lives God bless them ?

  2. The most well known people contribute little to our welfare thus matter little in our daily lives.
    The greater part of our happiness is definitely thanks to continuous service of many women and men we will never see.

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