Business by the Good Book..!

Many books have been written on how to make millions, but few of these truths come from the most successful bestseller of all; the Bible. My uncle, an Indian Air-Force fighter pilot, who went on to become one of the most senior officers in our air-force, which meant being at the helm of many defense management academies, once told me, “Bob, the best management book is the Bible!”

I can vouch for that, having built three businesses, all by trying to follow the principles laid down in the Good Book, after the advice given by my highly decorated uncle!

The first Biblical management principle to follow is to ‘Give more than asked for!’ Give the customer much more than he or she has paid for, which is taken from Matthew 5:41, ‘If someone forces you to go with him one mile, go with him two miles!’ Ah, Jesus couldn’t have been more explicit, could he, dear businessman?

The second business principle comes from Luke 6:31, which is ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you!’ I would call this the Golden Rule of Business! Would you want to be cheated? Would you like a great product? Then give your customer the same treatment you would want for yourself!

The third Biblical principle, that we should follow is, to ‘never let temptation take your eyes from your goal!’ I have seen this happening to very successful businessmen whose trajectory is on it’s way up, to suddenly use the money they are making on things that take away their focus from their goal, quite often women or gambling. Proverbs 4:25 says, ‘Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you’ No left, no right, but straight dear friend!

The fourth principle from the Holy Book that would be worth following is, learn to be decisive, which means learn to say either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ about a decision. Don’t dilly-dally. Be known for the decision maker that you are. Open your Bible, and look up Matthew 5:37, where Jesus says, ‘All you need to say is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ anything beyond this comes from the evil one.’ The ability to say yes or no quickly comes from the fact, that you know where you are going, so decisions are specific towards reaching your goal.

The fifth principle I’ve always believed in and which jumps at me from the Bible, is to ‘Believe and Ask for the Impossible!’ What an advantage we have as Christian businessmen when our God says to us, in Matthew 7:7, ‘Ask and it shall be given unto you!’ There’s not a thing I’ve got, which hasn’t been given to me by the One above, after asking for it!

So, dear readers, do Dream big Impossible Dreams, and when you do business by the Book, you’ll find the impossible, possible. But remember, when you trust the Good Book, you need to also obey it’s Author..!


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4 thoughts on “Business by the Good Book..!”

  1. Agree!
    The old management book authors, have bible as their base, to formulate the management principles !!
    Today, it’s vitiated with selfish motives.

  2. Great article! Thank you for wisening us up to wisdom from the Good Book of The Wonderful Counsellor that He wrote for us throughHis servants who sought His in love for, trust and peace in Him,who was, is and will be ever faithful,loving and on the lookout for our needs to be met should we call Him.

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