Bollywood On A Bloodied Chessboard..!

There’s a giant chessboard set up in the city of Mumbai, with only two pawns, both Bollywood actresses scrambling all over it’s surface, even as the two players, one a Central Giant and the other a State Tiger play their moves! Over a billion spectators, tired of listening to only Covid news, or the ranting and raving of nearly insane TV anchors, watch with unconcealed joy as two rook pawns, are moved not smoothly and deftly, like refined chess players would do, but roughly, sometimes cruelly and brutishly on the now bloodied chessboard!
A closer look at the two pawns, shows a great deal of similarity; both, beautifully carved and structured beauties, attractive pieces, quite often applying makeup on themselves, and having a great amount of class. They are certainly not pawns from some second rate store, but pieces that have the distinction of being made from the best cultural background such pieces could ever be got from.
Looking even closer, one realizes they are not lifeless, but strong, independent pawns, which begs the question; why ever have they allowed themselves to become such on a chessboard?
Is it because they love the applause, the encores, bravos and curtain calls that frenzied spectators give, whistling and catcalls, approval and admiration, the virus has stopped them hearing on a stage or filmset, and being addicted to such have chosen the chessboard?
Whatever be the reason, they stalk and stride, creep and crawl, hunt and hound each other, and spew venom not on the other, but on the opponent puppeteer player who grits his teeth and makes his next move through his own pawn.
The spectators rise in anticipation watching a home of one demolished or a jail becoming a home for the other.
What rules do these players follow? None!
But who is there to question them? What we, the public, the spectators want is entertainment, and entertainment we receive, not from reel, but real!
Who will win this game?
No one!
But who will lose?
We the spectators will! Because if one looks closely at the board the game’s being played on, one will notice it was once called ‘Democracy’ But slowly and surely the chessboard of democracy is being converted into an ancient bloodthirsty Roman arena. An arena, where hungry lean, ferocious lions face powerless, defenseless people: No, not the two pawn gladiators in the arena, but leap and jump into the stands, mauling, biting, maiming you and me, as both giant players watch gleefully.
The game you watch on the giant chessboard is just a warning of times ahead where you and I could be victims of authoritarian and autocratic power, with ‘no questions’ asked!
Stop being a cheering spectator! STOP the game: Because it’s your board, yes your country the game is being played on..!


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10 thoughts on “Bollywood On A Bloodied Chessboard..!”

  1. The truth will be the biggest sufferer. It may never see the light of the day as the cases will drag on for years from one court to the other. Recently SC observed pendency of 36 years in a criminal cas.

  2. Satan is very active using demonic people to destroy God’s people, spread hate, rule unjustly, bring chaos in the world, selfishness , confusion in minds of the weakwilled and fear in the weak to speak out facts.

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