Face The Enemy..!

As India and China slowly start recognizing each other as enemies, I think of another enemy. “I’ll have another drink,” he told the waiter.
“It’s your fourth,” I said.
“So you’re good at counting,” he acknowledged.
“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”
“I know when to stop,” he said, glaring at me red faced and eyes glazed, “D’you know what my commanding officer called me today?”
“No,” I said.
“He called me a drunkard.”
I looked at him, he was a senior officer in the armed forces, a talented man who seemed to have got carried away with the good life. “So what did you tell your officer?” I asked.
“I told him I was not,” he said, “that I knew when to stop.”
“Maybe you do have a problem!”
“You mad?” he asked, “I know when to stop. Waiter pour me another!”
I accompanied him back to his car. His driver looked at me and looked upward helplessly. We put him into the back and he tried to wave. “I know when to stop,” he groaned, “I know when to stop!” He fell asleep.
I looked at the retreating car and knew the officer had a problem. My thoughts went to two others, Swami Vivekananda and Mother Teresa.
Once upon a time, the young Swami Vivekananda was known as Narendran. One day Narendran was going to the temple of Durga in Kashmir, when a troop of monkeys started following him.
Narendran was scared not knowing what to do. He decided to run and escape. With all his might he began to run. But the monkeys were equally fast.
A Sanyasi was watching the scene. He cried out, “Don’t run. Face them!”
Narendran did as he was told. He stopped running and turned around. The monkeys also stopped and after a while, one by one slunk away.
The same happened to Mother Teresa.
One day while nursing leprosy patients in a Calcutta slum, a ferocious bull charged towards her. It was about to butt her and the patients were terrified.
But Mother Teresa courageously stood up and stood her ground.
Seeing her so calm, the animal lost its rage and left the place.
I stared at the retreating car with the army officer. He had been taught to fight from the day he joined defense college. He had training in the latest guns the best ammunition. I knew he had also been part of skirmishes and battles the country had got into and won, but when it came to facing the real enemy he was losing!
I wonder how many of us face the same situation?
We pour ourselves our next glass and next glass and next. We puff at cigarette after cigarette and tell the world we don’t have a problem.
May be its time we stood and faced the enemy..!


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9 thoughts on “Face The Enemy..!”

  1. Very true. It does adversely affect the functioning n morale of the AF. As a young officer, my first two COs were drunkards. I used to hold the AF at a very high esteem until then. I also got to see a company commander who used to abuse his soldiers after drinks in an operational area. He was lucky to not get shot by his own men.

  2. It’s not making sense , personal in AF know the way to drink I.e. their limits. Drinking is a parade in AF. People who are aware how to sacrifice life for his nation shall understand this.

    1. For the soldiers it is a parade. Not for officers n JCOs. Many of them go overboard with their drinking n create a mess as I mentioned earlier. From the outside things look good. Reality is different. I am of the opinion that subsidised liquor to the AF should be stopped.

  3. There is a red line for everything we do in life. As long as we respect the red line and try not to cross it, it should be fine.

  4. It takes a lot of courage to face the enemy. It equally takes a lot to face friends too. Only we need to know how and when to face.

  5. A commissioned Officer is responsible enough to know when to stop. And mind you he’s the only one who may have one too many yet be at parade the next morning all trim and proper. Of course there are exceptions. And Bobby knows who I’m referring to 🤔🤔🤔

  6. My dad told my brother to be a master over habits not a slave because my brother smoked. At parties he drank too. Ironically his 2nd name means Golden Mouth is Chrisostomos.

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