Are You Being Served..!

Sometime before the lockdown I had been invited by an organization to deliver the keynote address at a church. My driver drove me to the location but as he parked, we saw a watchman waving frantically and advancing threateningly towards us, “Don’t park inside!” he shouted, “It is only for the trustees!”
India became a republic in January 1950. After a few months communal fighting broke out in Delhi. Many were killed, many were made refugees and many more were made shelter-less. Jawaharlal Nehru turned half his bungalow into a refugee camp.
Food materials were supplied to the people through ration shops. There were long queues in front of such shops. One day Nehru was found standing in line in front of a shop for wheat and sugar. Noticing him, the shopkeeper said: “Sir you need not stand in queue.”
Said Nehru, “I do not need any special treatment. I find nothing wrong in standing in line as any of my countrymen!”
Nehru kept his queue till his turn came.
“In ‘The Passion of The Christ,’ Mel Gibson has interspersed the horror of the crucifixion with beautiful tender loving scenes, one that stands out is when Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. He pulls off his robe, wraps a towel around himself, pours water into a basin and begins to wash their feet and to wipe them with the towel he has around himself.
Imagine washing anyone’s feet! I’m sure you and I would shudder at such thought. The disciples do. “You can’t wash our feet,” they shout. “You are the Messiah. You are God!”
And as I visualize this wonderful and moving scene, my mind goes to reserved parking places and special queues. I also see the mind of our first prime minister and what his views were on service to the people.
How strange that we all work for positions of service telling people we aspire to serve, but when we arrive, service is thrown out of the window. The very people we are supposed to look after are made to serve us, bow down and kiss the ground as we pass by.
Some of us even try to become a managing trustee so we can get a parking place: Our lone car showing the world how big we are!
My prayer as I end this piece is that you who serve, maybe as managing director, trustee, manager, priest or president of your club, stand in line with those you serve and be ready if the occasion so warrants to stoop down and wash their feet with your humility..!


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7 thoughts on “Are You Being Served..!”

  1. The lesson of humility from Jesus’s life is admirable; about Nehru’s I’m not so sure. Guru Nanak in one of his eternal ‘Shabad’ says: “Sweetness and humility are the essence of virtue and goodness”…

  2. The proud and mighty are always looking down contemptuously on everything. While looking down one cannot see that which is above, the Almighty God of all !

  3. Jesus was the humane, humble and honourable God who set the example of how to be the servant of all to be the greatest of all in God’s kingdom. Nehruji was humble and had said, aaraam hai haaraam. His death anniversary and my mum’s was on May 27 th.

  4. “The one who bends before us is taller than us,”It is only the great who can retain humble behavior inspite of being in prestigious positions

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