Lamby 58..!

It was around a month ago I sat pillion on the back of a scooter after decades, “Kick start it then I’ll sit” I tell my friend offering me a lift. “Kick start?” “Yes, kick start,” I tell him. “Sit” he says, presses a button and engine springs to life….

I Provide Diamonds..!

Many years ago while walking through a village in Vasai I suddenly stopped and held the arm of my friend who was walking alongside, “Listen!” I said and we both stopped and listened. I saw his face grow from curiosity to enlightenment, “Isn’t it beautiful!” I whispered and he nodded….

No War, No Peace, No Books..!

High Court Judge: Explain why you kept ‘War and Peace’ at Home? Times of India 29th Aug “Can I borrow a book from your collection Bob?” “No!” I squeak, “I have no books at home. I don’t know how to read. See, I can’t read what bus is coming down…

In Safe Custody..!

“Hey! Hey what are you doing?” “Taking you into custody sir!” “But do you know who I was?” “Yes sir, that is why we are taking you into custody!” “But this is no way to treat a former minister!” “We have no choice!” “Who said that?” “Who said what sir?”…

Do You Know Who I Am?

“Do you know who I am?” he asked puffing up his chest. “No! Don’t you?” “I am the one who owns that BMW!” “So why don’t you ask the car?” “Ask what?” “Who you are!” “Why should I ask my car?” “Because you asked me who you were, and since…