Your Little Girl..!

Very often I sit at home and watch a good Hindi movie. I find nothing has changed in the past few decades; in all the movies the father may be a strict man, maybe a shrewd businessman, maybe hard hearted and tight fisted, but nearly always spoils his daughter.

However bad or good the father is, he still spoils his daughter.

Which is all very nice, but have you taught her values, how to be a good mother to her children, how to live by the truth, how to guide her husband away from the paths of deceit and lies?

Most often we don’t, and a spoiled daughter just gets married without learning so much the father could have taught her.

Teach her well, for a daughter has more influence in the next generation, has more influence over her future family than anybody else.

“What joy it is being a father. What joy to see them growing up well.

In 1966 USA today found that only 37% of those polled believed their country would be in safe hands when the next generation grows up. I don’t blame them, with over two thirds of Americans being divorced one can imagine how few real fathers most children there have had, as most times child custody goes to the mother.

Fathers once upon a time served as watchmen for the family, protecting their children from evil influences and setting an example of integrity. But the watchmen have fallen asleep allowing all sorts of destruction to come upon their families. Dads have become weak and powerless, charmed away from their wives and children by the first whiff of another woman’s scent or perfume.

Some dads, most I must say, especially in our country stay on with their family, but are hardly an example worth emulating. I still remember going to a friend’s house and his daughter picking up the phone which was ringing. “Dad!” she whispered, “are you at home or not?”

What kind of watchmen have we became.

“Where have you been?” asks the father as his college going daughter comes back an hour late.

“Library,” says the girl as she walks to her bedroom.

“Come here!” shouts he dad. “Have you been out with a boy?”

That’s the type of watchmen we have become. More inquisitors from the police force than ones who are guarding our precious ones. Ask the suspicious father where he was the previous night or the time when he went on his last official out station trip. He’ll grow red in the face.

Teach them the meaning of trust.

Teach them integrity.

Teach them love.

And the only way you can teach them all this is if you yourself follow what you teach.

Don’t just spoil your daughter, lead her to be a good woman, a good mother and a good wife..!


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4 thoughts on “Your Little Girl..!”

  1. So true, Bobby. That’s why Proverbs in the Bible says the father should be as a priest at home, a loving one, and also be a loving husband to the mother of his children as Ephesians teaches in the Bible. ?

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