When YOU Give, God Gives YOU..!

Was reading the morning papers and was struck by a dramatic piece of news: Bill Gates with a fortune of over a 100 billion dollars, was still the second richest man in the world, even after having given away nearly half his fortune!
Incredible isn’t it?
A few days ago, and I’m not going to reveal where it was, I had to attend a meeting where an airconditioned club house had been built with money from the residents of that complex. It housed a galaxy of fitness equipment and I had noticed was being used by many in the housing complex, who otherwise were too conservative or too shy to go elsewhere. But what I felt could be changed was that to offset the cost of maintenance and electricity, only the users would be charged a monthly fee and a huge deposit. I knew immediately, that many would opt out because it was not within their financial reach.
I pondered on this, and proposed that the whole residential complex pick up the monthly tab, which would allow anyone to use the equipment and clubhouse. The monthly amount needed was a mere 150 rupees from each member!
Just Rs 150/- in a complex where quite a few of the homes were worth more than a couple of crores!
To my chagrin and astonishment, the ones who were opposed to it, were the ones with huge flats, had amassed money working abroad, or professionals who were raking in the moolah!
Luckily for me, the Hon Secretary of the complex, who also had a heart for those in need and is a giver, handled the situation well, put my proposal to vote, and to my great joy, it was decided that all the residents would share the cost.
But as I walked away, I realized my joy was short lived, as it rankled in me, how non-giving some of us are.
Like Bill Gates has learned, the more you give, the more you get, because that’s how God works. This is something many of us haven’t learnt and I see and hear even of many religious institutions, which are cash rich, not willing to part with their wealth.
Instead of giving to these institutions, and trying to bribe God, give directly to the poor, and you’ll feel the warmth of a smile from above.
I read that one of India’s billionaires has been summoned by government officials, under suspicion of hoarding huge amounts of black money. Avoiding tax which could have helped many in our country, while splurging on hugely ostentatious weddings!
I call out, “Hey, come and see the stars in the sky!”
“I’m sorry Bob!” comes his reply, “I’m in the basement guarding my billions!”
“Hey Bill!” I shout, “See the stars!”
“I see the stars!” shouts Bill, his voice trembling with excitement, “In the eyes of the poor I help..!”





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