Unlock-4 and You..!

There’s a sense of jubilation on the streets as Unlock-4 begins. ‘Freedom!’ we shout as metros start rolling, a hundred guests are allowed at weddings and travel restrictions lifted. But beware, more than the rejoicing on the lifting of restrictions by you and me, is the absolute delight by the green and yellow monster lurking outside your gates.
“See we are lifting most restrictions, showing we are not afraid of you!” I said speaking to the virus, even as I kept a respectful distance and wore a mask.
“I’m glad your fear is gone,” said the virus gleefully, doing a victory dance, “because we are hungry!”
“Hungry?” I asked, suddenly a bit uncertain about my joy, “Haven’t you eaten enough?”
“Look at me!” said the virus, “Do I look fat and portly?”
“No,” I said fearfully, looking at the coronavirus monster, “You look lean and mean!”
“And that’s not how fatal viruses are supposed to look!” snarled the virus menacingly as I fearfully retreated another six feet, ”How many feet have you maintained from me?”
“Six feet!” I said.
“That’s six feet under you should have been, to keep me fat and full! But instead of allowing me my full feed you people have run into the shelter of your houses, started working from your homes and wearing masks! How can I eat with you all starving me?”
“I’m sorry!” I said, ‘But the government made it mandatory! They locked us in!”
“Yes I know!” said the virus bitterly, “Your government has made me famished, and if not for those who let their guard down and disobeyed orders, I would have been eliminated! I fumed and fretted, roared and gritted my coronavirus fangs outside your gates! I watched as some of you peered out, and was ready to pounce but then fearing the police and authorities you stepped back much to my chagrin!”
“I didn’t know you were outside!” I whispered trembling.
“I heard you grumbling when liquor shops were closed, and even wanted to bring a loudspeaker so all your groaning and moaning would be heard! But finally luck is on my side! How long can a nation be on siege till the sheer boredom gets to you, and now as I see you jumping for joy, you have your freedom back, I’m doing the same!”
I watched as the coronavirus monster leaped up and down with glee, looked at me and judged how long it would take before he managed to keep the social distance he longed for, of putting me six feet under the ground!
“Unlock 4!” the green and yellow monster shouted, “If you let your guard down, is just what my poor, hungry Covid-19 stomach needs to feed on..!”


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10 thoughts on “Unlock-4 and You..!”

  1. Evil in any form wants to catch us off guard. People view lockdown as home imprisonment imposed by a tyrannical government. Actually it’s a great act of kindness n mercy. When we refrain from joining in the whole herds of people on the streets n roads, we r being good to ourselves n to others. We should just behave as if lockdown is still on.

  2. Shout this message from the mountain tops and the roof tops of the houses of the “act of God” politicians who are paving our road to death and destruction
    A Timely caution on the day India crosses 80,000 cases in a day, first country in the world to do so
    Overtaking Brazil for the 2nd highest cases Worldwide us now only days away!

  3. God has let this virus wreck havoc. Shakespeare in his play King Lear says
    “ As flies to wanton boys, are we to gods; they kill us for their sport.”
    Is this really God’s sport or is there a lesson in it for us?

  4. Comment from SHOBHA ……

    It is now a serious tug of war between a struggling to survive man and an insatiably hungry virus .
    Perhaps, necessity which has always been the mother of inventions will now lead the scientific community to invent an effective vaccine to handle this rogue virus.
    It needs to be seen who wins the sport !
    Tense wait and watch situation, not a time to make merry !

  5. It’s better to be safe than sorry. By God’s grace, we can work from home, get provisions, medicines etc. by ordering them online. We can keep in touch on WhatsApp, phones or fb. We can pay online. Thank God for technology, health and air pollution reduced.

  6. our safety is our responsibility .Rules and regulations are for those who can’t or won’t use discretion.So lock down or no lock down it is up to us to follow the required safety measures and keep ourselves and others safe

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