UNLEASH Yourself TODAY, this Woman’s Day..!

And even as there’ll be a lot of fanfare today on ‘Woman’s Day’ with national leaders telling the world, about the position of women in India, and how they led this parade or that, and how they head this ministry or that, I look with skepticism at this charade. And instead of being happy with this showcasing, look sadly at manmade steel bars, slightly invisible to the outside world, and chains tied to others or even strings tied to some held up on top by the puppeteer political leaders!
Today, break that chain, that string, those bars and step out free!
How easy to show women commanding a regiment during the parade and then arguing in a court that women officers should not be allowed in combat because men will not listen to them!
So do men listen, only during a parade when a shrill, smart voice shouts, “Eyes right!”?
But when same officer, chosen for her outstanding officer qualities shouts, “Shoot!” nobody obeys her? Because, the world is not watching?
The only reason we are slowly becoming the rape capital of the world, is because of the hypocrisy we live under, “Showcase something to the world but in reality encourage the opposite!”
The only way you can liberate yourselves, dear women of India, is by telling the powers to be, that you have the capacity and strength to be able to make your own decision, that every time someone complains there is a ‘Love Jihad!” what they are saying is that you are not capable of guarding your emotions!
These are not statements made to protect you, but grills, bars and chains to keep you shut in!
Today, step out!
Tell the powers that be, that if you can lead a group of men in a national parade, you can well lead the same cackle of men into battle.
Tell the nation today, that if you are capable of falling in love despite very often marriages arranged by well meaning parents who quite often have the last word on who you should marry, that you are also capable of guarding your emotions from so called Romeos that same ‘well meaning’ fathers and brothers say, are prowling outside like wolves.
Tell them that ‘honour killing’ has no honour in it!
That when a husband shows respect at home for his wife, his son will do the same, and suddenly rapes will drop throughout the nation!
This Woman’s Day, DARE step out, and show yourselves unfettered, uncaged, UNLEASHED!
Happy Woman’s Day to that NEW WOMAN..!




DARE by Robert Clements.
It will change your life.

5 thoughts on “UNLEASH Yourself TODAY, this Woman’s Day..!”

  1. Well said Bob, let the world have peace because of people like you. Happy women’s day to your loving wife and daughters. They’re fortunate people!!!

  2. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt
    Our women are strong, they will build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.

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