Our Foreign Minister and Our True Friends?

“The reaction of other countries and global bodies to matters such as the new citizenship law and the changes in Kashmir had helped India find out who its friends really are”, external affairs minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday.
Wrong sir.
A true friend is not one who will agree with you all the time. Oh no. A true friend is one who will put his or her neck on the line, and disagree with you when they feel you are doing something wrong.
To explain what I mean, I would like to take you to my home where my daughter and her twins have come for a holiday. Now, those two little brats know their mother loves them very much and I know that her love is unconditional, which means that it is love beyond measure she has for her two little boys.
What happens when either of them does something they are not supposed to do? What happens when they stick their little fingers into an electric socket? Does the mother look at them sweetly and smile? Or does she tell them first gently, then firmly and finally raising her voice that they should not put their fingers in there?
What would you do?
And your answer is reflective also about your idea on friendship!
A bond of friendship, has strong ingredients of love. And when you see a friend going down the wrong path in whatever area he or she does, then it is your bounden duty to correct him or her.
I really don’t know the kind of friends, that the honourable foreign minister has, but if it’s the type who keep quiet, because they don’t want to break ties of friendship, then “Sir, they are not friends!”
This is something not just the foreign minister but we all need to understand: Friendship is not only about applauding your achievements but also about admonishing your faults!
Many, many national leaders including former Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi, surrounded themselves with a coterie of ‘yes men’: “Look it’s night and the sun is shining!” says the leader.
“How perceptive you are sir!” say his merry weather friends, as they wink at each other.
Do we need such friends? Does our nation need such friends?
No, we don’t, which means whether we like it or not, whether it hurts or not, we start listening to what some countries around the world, especially ones who have stood by us before, say, about what we are doing now.
When we do sir, we gain, because friends mean well, and finally our country will move forward following well intentioned words of advice!
Or would you like to stick your fingers in the electric socket sir, while your friends shout, “Don’t.!”?




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3 thoughts on “Our Foreign Minister and Our True Friends?”

  1. A very poignant aspect of relationship to seriously ponder. Just as individual folly , the nation too could traverse the wrong path and only genuinely concened friends would advise and admonish . The wise leader takes the correction gracefully and the fool discards to his own doom

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