There’s A Book Inside You..!

Yes, there’s a book inside most of us, waiting to be written. Each of us go through experiences in life which may be quite similar to those others face, but how we face them, win over circumstances, fight the odds, build our faith, sometimes lose it, watch friends disappear, see new ones come by are experiences which are unique!
Have you ever wondered while reading a book, that the author is writing about something so very similar to what you’ve been through? Yet, that author is being read, and his or her bestseller is being ravished by thousands! Does yours need to die in your head?
Yesterday, I watched participants from a Writer’s Course I conduct saying bye to me. They had come to me just over a month before, unsure, uncertain, doubtful and dubious about any shadow of talent they carried in themselves and now, as I watched them go, some of them teary eyed, I knew there were over a dozen books which would come out next year! Not just readable books ones, but a few which would be second to none!
Yes, there’s a book inside you and me, waiting to be read by an eager public.
Being a newspaper guy, the idea of writing a book, never really fascinated me, till my daughter delivered two little bundles of mischief. Of course their mischievousness started a little later, but one day, as I held the twins in my hands and they looked up at me, I realized I needed to leave them a legacy. I needed to tell them what their grandad thought, and some of what he’d gone through in his life. It also dawned on me that by the time they grew up, my columns would not be around and for that matter, newspapers wouldn’t either!
That’s when I decided I’d write a book, and did.
They came down for the launch! They in fact launched my book DARE, and naughty as I told you they are, ran away from the stage, with two books in their little hands. Poor fellows, they had no idea those pages were meant to occupy precious hours of their future reading time!
There’s a lot of ‘reading time’ belonging to others, holed up in your head waiting to be converted into pages, using simple ingredients, yes, those twenty-six letters of the alphabet.
How do you start? Learning, and studying from a textbook? Oh no, follow a simple method; use your own words as a text book. Like the cadaver that a medical student has at the beginning of his or her course, your words, your sentences, your language is what you build on. Dissect, analyze, improve on, polish and finally place on a bookshelf for others.
There’s a book inside, waiting to be read, DARE write a bestseller..!

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5 thoughts on “There’s A Book Inside You..!”

  1. There’s a book inside me to write and read… Yes a bestseller!!! Thank you Bob!😇✌ Dare to learn and write….!! ✍️👍

  2. Very motivating write up Robert !
    Need to give it sufficient serious thought . Just what most of us need.
    May not be a book but even penning down thoughts …….

  3. A great Book unfolds different ideas and different shades of thinking according to the age of the reader . It grows in proportion to the maturity of the reader’s mind. It is one which a person likes to read again and again and finds something new in it with every reading !One such book is DARE by Robert Clements !

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