The Modi Jacket..!

There’s only one person who looks good in the Modi jacket, and that’s the Prime Minister himself! Today, every tailor, throughout the country is rolling out thousands of yards of cloth stitching these new sleeveless fashion statements for men of all shapes and sizes, who look strikingly ridiculous as they strut around in sometimes garish looking pinks and purples, yellows and greens and look like some leftovers of some film shoot of Robin Hood and his Jacketed Men!
The wife bought me one for Christmas.
“A Modi Jacket!” I said, holding it away from me and peering at it.
“Yes, how good our Prime Minister looks in it, you will look good Bob!”
“You think so?” I asked doubtfully.
“Well doesn’t Mr. Modi look good?”
I reluctantly wore the jacket and stepped out of the room, “Dad!” screamed the eldest one, “Why are you wearing a bullet proof vest?”
“It’s a Modi jacket!” I said simply.
“But you don’t have a chest to match!” chuckled the youngest.
I wore it and went out, “All it requires is a Sheriff badge pinned on your chest, a good horse and somebody whistling, ‘For a few dollars more!’ laughed a friend, “You look straight from some western movie!”
“It’s a Modi jacket!” I said simply.
“It is, is it?” asked my friend, “Looks a little different on you!”
And as I look around at all the others who wear this same piece of clothing that has taken the nation by storm, and has given once poverty stricken clothiers, business, I must say again it looks good on Mr Modi. No offence meant Mr Prime Minister, but it doesn’t look good on us!”
It doesn’t look good on that farmer; there’s not too much of him to fill the jacket!
Nor on the industrialist, there’s too much of him, and too little jacket!
It doesn’t look good on women; they can’t wear it at home all the time, what with the outside becoming more and more unsafe for them!
It doesn’t look good on the middle class, because once the onions and potatoes and all that makes life endurable is hoarded in the coat before the prices go up again, it does look a little bulky!
It doesn’t look good on the common man because you need to wear something under the coat, but with inflation so high, only one garment at a time is affordable!
It didn’t look good on me. I returned home and took it off.
But it looks so good on you Mr Prime Minister..!

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5 thoughts on “The Modi Jacket..!”

  1. Good morning Sir. I hope is also understood well by Prime Minister and those who propagate what colours his jacket. God bless

  2. To keep warm, a jacket is good. To be safe an ATS officer needs a bullet proof jacket. So usefulness of clothing must determine what we choose to wear. Fashions change. To save time ironing, wear a jacket

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