The Cavity and the Tongue..!

A patient told his dentist, “I can feel a huge cavity with my tongue,” The dentist examined the man’s teeth and said, “It’ll only be a small filling.”

“But why does it feel so large?” asked the puzzled patient.

“Just the natural tendency of the tongue to exaggerate!” replied the dentist with a twinkle in his eye.

Some years ago, a fellow by the name of Ronald worked for me. Ronald was a talker if ever there was one. If Ronald was sent to the bank, he would come back with a tale of how he was waylaid by robbers and had to fight them off as he brought back the withdrawn cash. We laughed at his exaggerated accounts, found them amusing and thought them harmless till I started finding small amounts missing from petty cash. The amounts became larger, till it was discovered that Ronald was a big thief.

I had to sack the fellow. His little exaggerated stories should have warned me he was dishonest, but I didn’t heed the warning till it was too late!

A young girl said to her father, “I have a habit, I know is hurting my life dad; the habit of exaggeration. I start to tell something and I go on and on enlarging the story. My friends suspect it’s not true, and they lose confidence in me. I’m trying to get over it. Could you help me dad?”

Said her wise father, “Call it lying and you may get over it!”

We often excuse our pet habits by giving them acceptable names.

Our bad temper we call ‘nerves!

Our untruthfulness, ‘exaggeration!

Our dishonesty, ‘good business!

A family found a wolf cub in the forest and decided to rear it in their home along with their baby son. The cub and little boy grew up together and became playmates. One day the mother found her child nowhere nearby. She called his name, but there was no answer nor sign of the now fully grown wolf. Alarmed the mother ran all over calling out to her little boy. Only silence greeted her. Frantically the woman dashed into the forest. There she found her child. But it was too late, the youngster had been killed by the wolf. Heartbroken she picked up his lifeless body, drew him close to her heart and carried him home, crying bitterly.

Exaggeration is a wolf.

First you enjoy playing with it, nuzzling yourself in its seductive fur. It looks so innocent and harmless, yet surely but slowly it grows till one day with vampire like snarl and roar it fells you and makes you another victim.

Exaggerations, twists and outright lies

Define the words of fools;

But those who follow truth will have

A life, where wisdom rules..!


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4 thoughts on “The Cavity and the Tongue..!”

  1. True Bob Deception occurs in various forms with fancy names but it’s innate attribute remains negative and dangerous leading to destruction. We would do well to steer clear from it no matter how attractive or interesting it seems and focus instead on being true to ourselves and others.

  2. Very true Bob. We give alternative names for the evils with which we feel comfortable which only leads to destruction. Should be able to call a spade a spade.

  3. By completely twisting, and embellishing incidents or situations in an attempt to paint a glorious picture of ourselves we loose the trust of people around us.
    By our own folly we get branded as liars.

  4. Thank you Bobby for the interesting story you have narrated, the experience you had sadly and sharing the wise counsel of being truthful to be trusted, to be ethical and to be creative instead of destructive.

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