The Angel and the Matrimonial Column..!

It was a startled editor, who looked up from his laptop and saw the angel standing in front of him, complete with wings and halo. “You are the editor!” said the angel.
“What have you come to see me about?” asked the editor fearfully.
“I’ve been sent to have a look at your matrimonial columns!” said the angel, “You know the ones you print as classifieds?”
“Oh yes, oh yes, here it is in today’s paper! But why should God be interested in matrimonial columns?”
“He’s concerned about the millions of failed and failing marriages, which were once only a phenomenon in the west, and reaching your shores!” said the angel sadly.
“That’s true, just yesterday I got word from my daughter that her best friend, who’s marriage we just attended last month….”
“Look at this,” said the angel interrupting the editor, “Wanted a fair, slim and good- looking girl!”
“Yes, yes, everybody wants that!” said the editor eagerly.
“And this, ‘Wanted young woman with a wheatish complexion!’ What’s that?”
“She has the colour of wheat!” explained the editor.
“And what’s wrong with having the colour of pepper?”
“No, no!” whispered the editor.
“See this,” said the angel, “Wanted a groom, having his own house and car for a fair, beautiful girl! Whoa, whoa, how does a car and house qualify him to be a good husband?” asked the angel angrily.
“Well, that means she will be well provided!” said the editor eagerly, “All parents want that!”
“All parents want the marriage to last and be meaningful,” said the angel, “I think I’ll take this paper back to God!”
“Sure, and if God has any advertisement he would like to place in my humble paper, I’ll give a discount!” said the editor hopefully.
“In fact, he has!” said the angel.
“Stop Press!” shouted the editor to his staff, “God is putting an ad!”
“Not so fast!” said the angel, “God has asked me to place this sample in every page of your matrimonial section!”
“What does it say?” asked the editor warily.
“It says, ‘Wanted a husband/ wife who is God fearing!”
“Excellent!” said the editor.
“I haven’t finished!” said the angel sternly, “And who won’t mind having God, as a third person in their marriage!”
“What!” exclaimed the editor, “God wants two people getting married, to have one more person in their sacred union?”
Yes!” said the angel, “Someone who will be involved in every single moment of their wedded lives, sicknesses, fights, poverty, their joys, their sorrows, everything!”
“I don’t think anybody would allow me to print about a third person in their alliance!” said the editor.
“If they will have Him!” said the angel, as he gathered his wings to fly away, “There wouldn’t ever be any more broken marriages..!”


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7 thoughts on “The Angel and the Matrimonial Column..!”

  1. Rightly said Bob Marriage ads can really be funny and shortsighted.

    Marriage alliances ever so often look out for material aspects of being ‘settled’. However the moment something unsettling comes along, we realize the futility of material wealth to sustain us.

    It is believed that marriages are made in heaven, so it’s only right to include God in the marriage. He will then safely take us through all the many ups and downs irrespective of worldly circumstances.

  2. Funny but true about the classifieds.
    If the world just truly followed the last line of this piece!

  3. Singing in three voices is a chord sung to give a song harmony. The number 3 is heavenly as God is Triune. A duet is music but a trio is music enhanced. With three cords in a rope, it’s stronger, when intertwined

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