Staying On in the White House..!

Suddenly many Americans are scared. “Trump won’t leave the White House!” they say, “even if he loses!” It doesn’t help that visitors standing outside the monumental presidential home in Washington imagine all sorts of suspicious activity. “We saw Trump looking from the windows!” said a visitor.
“What’s wrong with that?” asked his neighbour, “Trump always looks out, hoping to see some supporters!”
“No, he wasn’t looking out of the window!”
“You mean he was looking inside the window? That must be difficult for a man of his girth!” said his neighbour, “Twisting himself round and looking in!”
“He was not looking out of his window, nor into his home through the window!” explained the visitor, “He was looking at the window!”
“Oh my God!” said his neighbour, “He was looking at them?”
“Yes, and you know what that means?”
“Yes, it means he either wants to clean them or paint them, which could only mean..”
“That he plans to stay on!” they both shouted as they ran to their local newspaper office to tell the editor.
In the White House, the missus looked at her husband, “They say you don’t plan to leave the White House?” she asked.
“Of course I won’t,” said Trump, “All my secret, silent followers will soon give me the victory I deserve!”
“And if you lose?”
“I won’t!”
“But if you lose, will we leave?”
“Hey, they’ll throw us out if we don’t!” said Trump, “And anyway aren’t you also missing all our fancy homes and hoping we can get back to our golden bathtubs and lifts studded with diamonds!”
“Then what’s this newspaper report about you not going to give up the White House! This man says he saw you staring at the windows, which means you are planning to either paint or clean them!”
“He caught me staring at the windows?”
“Yeah,” said his missus, “Did you?”
“Yeah,” Trump admitted sheepishly.
“But why?” she asked.
“I thought like how I shoved the Supreme Court judge in at the last moment, I could maybe make some money on the windows before I leave!”
“And how’s that?” asked his missus, looking at her husband, but slowly smiling as she knew what the answer would be.
“I thought I’d maneuver a ‘windows changing contract’ so I would be able to make a quick buck before I leave, after all business is business darling! And I was also thinking why not get a contract to build a new White House!”
And outside the White House the people still shudder as they see Trump going around inspecting every inch of the real estate, “He’s going to make it his permanent home!” they shudder, even as builder Trump, works out the art of a new business deal..!


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4 thoughts on “Staying On in the White House..!”

  1. Considering the entire United States is in turmoil, Trump’s aptitude to fish in troubled waters, his area of expertise, he might still net many a vote to continue to remain in the White House !

  2. Trump may be trying every trick in the book ; but it is Kamalamma who is playing with a full deck. She stole the show at the vice presidential debate!
    Her rice cakes will now make a clean sweep of the elections !

  3. His promise to create jobs for Americans was fulfilled He declared to them, Make America Great, is patriotic. So the Democrats trying to impeach him,failed in their plans materialising. God’s will be done as it was in the elections the last time.

  4. The twists and turns that politics takes seems to be the same everywhere as survival strategies is the same in this game

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