Searching for Joy..!

Here’s a little story today partly made by me and partly borrowed:

A sad little princess dreamed of happiness while gazing out of the window of her castle.

Suddenly from among the flowers appeared her fairy godmother who said, “Happiness is coming this way and if you get to meet it, go after it and it will give you all the joy you are dreaming about.”

Then the fairy godmother disappeared after having touched the rose bushes with her magic wand, and there appeared a beautiful fairy adorned with a golden necklace and silver rings.

The little princess followed her eagerly, but seeing that she was not happy with her, asked, “Are you happiness?”

“No,” she replied, “I am wealth.”

“That’s why,” said the little princess, “at your side I felt an earthly taste unsavory to my lips.”

Next, another fairy appeared covered with a starry mantle. The little princess walked with her, and realizing that her heart was still empty, asked, “Are you happiness?”

“No,” she replied, “I am glory.”

“I thought so,” said the little princess, “at your side I felt my head full of wind and smoke.”

Another fairy appeared joyously jingling sleigh-bells. The little princess followed her and on sensing a cloud of gloom, asked, “Are you happiness?”

“No, I am pleasure.”

“No wonder,” said the little princess, “I felt in my soul something like faded illusions.”

Then a shabby but pleasant little old lady appeared, smiling through her tears and the little princess followed her. She trudged along behind the old lady who took her into an ordinary township onto ordinary roads where children played in their front yards and mothers hung their clothes to dry, where sometimes there was sunshine and sometimes dark clouds and a shower of rain.

She followed the old lady and saw husbands going to work with a grin on their faces as their wives stood at the door and waved them goodbye and later returning with sweat on their brow but still smiles on their faces as little children came out and hugged them back home.

The princess looked at the old hag and suddenly found her turning into a beautiful lady. “Ah!” shouted the princess falling at her feet, “you are happiness aren’t you?”

“No,” replied the fairy, “I am contentment. You searched for happiness, I showed you joy and joy my dear princess comes when you enjoy being content..!”


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2 thoughts on “Searching for Joy..!”

  1. Bobby, that’s a profound story of the good old days when we didn’t compete with the Jones. When we love our neighbour as we love ourselves, we don’t covet, envy or grudge their ownership of wealth.We’re content with God’s gifts to us, as Adam and Eve were not, which led them to sin. When we love God with all our heart, mind and soul, we are content, grateful and obedient toHim.So we are joyful, peaceful and love one another. ???

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