Professional Cheerleaders Wanted..!

Yes, world over there are huge vacancies for cheerleaders! Even as you see glamorous, good looking girls and boys doing a professional job inside cricket stadiums and at baseball and football matches, unfortunately, where cheerleaders are needed, there are none.
So, if you’ve got some free time, why don’t you apply for the job?
Here are some tips how to be good at it.
Cheer and applaud the man or woman who nobody is clapping for. Yes, you see him or her struggling to be a winner, or just working hard to put home and hearth together, and you dial their number and just do a cheerleader dance.
What’s a cheerleader dance?
Tell them they are doing a great job, and you can already see the results of their hard work showing. Tell them their struggle is not in vain, and very often someone on the verge of quitting, hearing your cheerful words, will take up his yoke, and plough his field again.
Second piece of advice, is to ask them if they need help. ‘But’, You say, “cheerleaders just keep to the boundaries, they don’t go down to the field and help the players!’ You’re right, but those are paid cheerers just doing a job, whereas you’ve decided to build men and women up.
Which means?
That you are a cheerleader who is a people builder!
Wow, that’s quite a load isn’t it?
No, it’s not, it’s actually a load easener.
Yes, in the process of cheering other people in their daily fight to survive and win, you find your day easing up, and becoming lighter. How’s that? Because the smile on the face of the receiver of your applause is fuel for your own formidable tasks.
That smile of the person running the marathon, and who hears your one lone voice cheering him on, will remain in your heart and mind, as you push your own muscle. You smile, as you remember the marathoner’s smile.
I know how, just asking a person how they are, makes them realize they are not alone and it is a caring world. Actually, it is a caring world. Actually, the whole stadium in a match would like to do what the professional cheerleaders are doing, but they don’t and so the chosen ones do it for the crowd.
You being the chosen one, can do just that. Give them a message that this is a caring world. Be a world representative: Clap and cheer for all those who don’t.
Apply, to be a cheerleader today, and cheer people on. Watch your own day get brighter, and your own load lighter!
World over, there are huge vacancies for cheerleaders!


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2 thoughts on “Professional Cheerleaders Wanted..!”

  1. Thank you, Bob, for a truly thoughtful advice. It’s an insightful idea that’s rarely unique. It’s sensitive of the mind of one struggling. It’s good of you to draw every spectator’s attention to the stress of a sportsperson in your article. The write up is one that makes us sit up and take note of the heart condition of the one who works hard to win ours.

  2. It’s so important especially in today’s world filled with pain and sadness to be kind, compassionate and sensitive and to build each other up Thank you for a lovely write-up Bob ?

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