Our Country’s Strong Leaders..!

As I glanced at the papers today, all of them mentioning different leaders in our country, I came across some thoughts by Steve Goodier on leadership, and added some of my own. But I want you to read it even as you look at our country and judge for yourself what strong leaders we have:

Weak leaders discourage others. They find fault and blame. They criticize when things don’t go right. Good leaders encourage. They give credit when things go well and take responsibility when they don’t go well. Alabama football coach “Bear” Bryant was once asked how he inspired his players. He responded, “Well, I’m just an old plow hand from Arkansas, but I’ve learned a few things about getting people to do what you want them to do. When things go wrong, I did it. When things go semi-good, we did it. And when things go good, you did it. That’s all it takes to hold a team together and win football games.”
Weak leaders know it all. They already have the answers. Good leaders keep learning. A cross-discipline study of leadership indicated that effective leaders in all fields are always learning. They constantly improve their skills. The best leaders are perpetual learners. Unlike weak leaders, they know that a spurt here and a spurt there does not make one an expert!

Weak leaders keep others in their place. They remind them who is boss. Good leaders know that authority is more earned than granted. A young Army officer found that he did not have the correct change for a soft drink vending machine. Noticing a subordinate nearby, he said, “Private, do you have change for a dollar?” Cheerfully, the man said, “I think so – let me look.” “That is no way to address your superior, soldier!” scolded the officer. “Now, let’s try it again. Private, do you have change for a dollar?” The soldier snapped to attention, saluted and said, “NO, SIR!”
Weak leaders sabotage the successes of others. When those below them succeed, they feel threatened. Good leaders, on the other hand, help their subordinates find success. They give a hand up. They realize that when one is lifted to another’s shoulders, both stand taller.
Weak leaders motivate by force. Good leaders know that motivation by force destroys morale. They understand that people respond best to positive incentive. They know that people who believe in themselves will do more work and better work.
Finally, weak leaders do not listen to those they lead. Their minds are already made up and they charge recklessly ahead. Good leaders listen and learn.

I guess by now you know the kind of strong leadership we have ..!


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8 thoughts on “Our Country’s Strong Leaders..!”

  1. There are some more, but the following are my takeaway from the reading:

    1. When things go wrong, I did it. When things go semi-good, we did it. And when things go well, you did it.

    2. The best leaders are perpetual learners.

    3. A spurt here and a spurt there do not make one an expert!

    4. Good leaders know that authority is more earned than granted.

  2. What you have written so true.At times I too am in the boat these two I have come to a realisation I need to change a lot to be truly a good leader to serve and not to be served

  3. The good leader blames herself or himself not the students, their parents or the circumstances. He or she learns from mistakes. He or she updates himself or herself by keeping on reading,learning,studying and encouraging students

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