Naughty Abhinandan..!

It made delightful news to hear Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had been awarded the Vir Chakra! We all remember the video clip showing his capture in Pakistan, bloodied and roughed up, yet courageous and fearless. How, flying a highly inferior MIG-Bison fighter jet, he still managed to shoot down a Pakistani F-16, before crashing into enemy territory.
What a brave man, we say.
I was fortunate to meet someone who was not only his superior officer but also knew Abhi as he grew up, “He was one of the naughtiest four year old’s I’ve ever met!” said my friend laughing, “And later when he served under me, I told him, he was the cause for my hair turning grey!”
We laughed together, but later I wondered how many of us were either naughty as children, or had naughty children and what would be our response when we start realising these “naughty” children are most often the ones who will be the movers and shakers of the world? I decided I’d list some of their traits, most undesirable when they are young, but those that can turn them into Abhinandans of the future!
In quite a few of them we see, their spirit of independence. Their refusal to conform, either at home or school has always been a common trait for individuals who have left their mark on society. So we need to embrace their independence and try to concentrate maybe on the really important stuff, like teaching them not to get run over by a car or getting injured!
Secondly, they are sensitive: Your ‘naughty’ child will not put up with injustice. So, before you condemn your child, get the facts, study why they reacted to something – you may find you could have been more supportive!
Thirdly they are spirited and outspoken, but before getting too frustrated remember Gandhi, Mandela or even the Dalai Lama? People with strength of spirit make it through adversity when everything else collapses!
Fourthly they have high energy levels so get them into some physically demanding activity. The mother of Michael Phelps, Olympic champion, states she began his swimming lessons because his energy level was just too high for her. Look where it all ended!
You may also find these naughty boys and girls, having a strange sense of humour, which you may not find funny. I mean what’s amusing when your dog runs off with something prepared on the dinner table? But it’s that atrocious humour that rescues them from nasty situations.
And finally remember they are lovable!
They might be difficult traits, but such traits I’d like to think, made Wing Commander Abhinandan a hero! Why not have more like him? So, don’t beat the hell out of your naughty child and kill his spirit, he may well be the next Abhi, Dalai Lama, or the next start-up billionaire..!





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  1. Exactly Bob! I wish every parents read this and be more tolerable to their erring children, my heart pains to see some parents too strict and too disciplinarian…! So thoughtful..

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