Ma, I’m an Idiot!

“Mother!” cried the little girl, “I don’t want to go to college anymore! The lecturer called me an idiot!” The mother left her cooking and walked over to where her daughter sat, “And are you one?”

“I don’t know!” whispered the girl and the mother watched sadly as a tear rolled down her pretty face, “Maybe I am!”

“You remember in school, your class teacher told me you were a very gifted girl?”

“Yes!” said her daughter. “But now someone says something so different!”

“I wonder whom we should believe!” said the mother thoughtfully, a smile on her face as she pulled a rupee coin from a shelf. “Shall we toss? Heads your college lecturer is right, tails, your schoolteacher!”

“Ma, don’t be silly! How can a coin decide what I am?”

The mother placed the coin on the table, “You don’t think a coin can decide do you?”


“Why not?” asked the mother.

“We are gambling with an important problem, we are basing my identity on the flip of a coin, how can I know what I am supposed to be by tossing a coin?”

“So,” said the mother as she put the coin away, “How shall we find the truth?”

“By going to the one who knows the truth!” whispered the little girl.

“Me?” asked the mother with a twinkle.

“You’re biased ma, you’ll think I’m brilliant even if I came last! When we went to the last wedding, you thought I was more beautiful than the bride!”

“So who should we ask, not your mother, not your class teacher, definitely not your college lecturer, so who?”


“Oh yes my child,” said the mother as she clasped her little one to herself, “we are made in His image and so we have His characteristics, which are wonderfully divine and yet…”

“And yet what ma?”

“We are individually unique, in that six billion of us on this earth do not look alike or think alike, but when we believe we are His children, we are rooted to His divinity, and express ourselves in six billion individual ways! If your lecturer calls you an idiot, and you have an identity crisis wondering what you are, do you know what I want you to tell yourself?”

“I think I know,” said her daughter grinning.

“That we are God’s Idiots..!” they both shouted happily.


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1 thought on “Ma, I’m an Idiot!”

  1. Nice story, Bobby. Such a wise mom! So cool! She’s neither angry and critical of the lecturer nor taking her daughter’s fear,identity crisis or sadness lightly but handling it wisely and giving her food for thought

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