Lyncher or Linchpin..!

Lynch is a bad word today, with mobs roaming the country lynching for the smallest reason and the Supreme Court moving in to frame an anti-lynching law.
But there’s a choice, would you be a lyncher or linchpin?
“Linchpin?” you ask.
Journey with me to yonder village; you hear the rumble of ancient cart, and slowly bull and the cart come into sight. The road is rough, the load heavy, and you wonder how crude wooden wheels are not coming apart, till you look closer and see the linchpin, wedged in through the hub into the axle. The wheels can shake, the cart can totter, but the linchpin sits grim and firm, holding all together.
The linchpin holds no power of its own to move forward, nor strength to carry load, it’s just a fastener used to prevent the wheel from sliding off!
When India fought for Independence, Gandhiji often played a linchpin role, binding different leaders with different ideologies together, making them fight for a common goal.
Another was Nelson Mandela of South Africa who fostered reconciliation twixt black and white across the nation!
Both were linchpins! Linchpins, not mere cogs!


A pin does an important job; it holds together! In describing key individuals, those who are central to the success of an enterprise, we often use words such as backbone, cornerstone, anchor, buttress and pillar, but I like this word too, a ‘linchpin for the nation’ ‘the linchpin of your family’! Could that be a way to describe what you are?
In cricket this key person is often the wicketkeeper, standing there behind the wickets, he encourages and motivates the bowlers, fielders and even a demoralized captain! Today you hear him clearly through the stump mike, quite often cheering his team to victory. The victory of eleven players made up of different men, from different communities, different castes, different creeds and religions, spurred on by a linchpin behind the wickets!
Our country needs linchpins today, not lynchers!
You need not be the bull of the cart, nor the driver, nor the cart itself, but just a little ‘holding together’ linchpin!
Quiet peacemakers, bringing warring factions together! Calm minds moving beyond a conflict and seeing solutions! Firm men and women, not jostled by circumstances! Those are the linchpins needed today!
Do you hear the rumble of the village cart? Wheels tottering, load swaying, but behold the linchpin, firmly fixed, unmoved, unaffected, untroubled just uniting!
Or do you want to join the violent mob and lynch with ropes, stones, or worse with words on WhatsApp groups and social media?
To be a lyncher or linchpin, should be a question you should ask yourself..!


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9 thoughts on “Lyncher or Linchpin..!”

  1. Yes, it’s a question of being constructive or destructive in an activity. A lyncher alone is a coward and fickle-minded who gets spurred by the rabble rousers and rides on the band wagon to hasten destruction. The real hero, however, is the lynchpin always serving to unite and never divide. Hail the lynchpin!

  2. Am Linchpin and not a lyncher, never! Thank you Bob! Write more not to be a lyncher, the worse action ever any human would do.

  3. There is a conflict within each of us as the Holy Book says, “I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate” (Rom 7:15).

  4. Lynching is murder! Who are we to decide who should live and who should not. Even if the law was to decide on a verdict, each one is given a chance to put forward his/her side of the story. But in a lynching by a mob, many a time, an innocent becomes a victim. This is sheer in justice!

  5. One needs to be selfless in order to be a Linchpin. We have witnessed them in different countries.
    For a few, their diligent efforts have yielded good results.
    But unfortunately many men of prominence have fallen prey to the lynchers !

  6. Dear Mr Lawrence,
    This happens because we do read the Holy Book or hear the Word of the Guru but persist in doing the biddings of our mind!
    Following the Guru’s Word is the sure way of the right path and to avoid the pitfalls. God bless!

  7. Lynchpins who served the people justly, like Gandhiji, Indira Gandhi, Kalburgi, Gauri Lanka, Dr. Steines and his sons, were lynched by criminals paid to do so by RSS, Bajrang Dal and all the mafia of the party, Bob.

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