Let’s Produce Sweet Music Together..!

Just over two years ago, seventy-three voices, including mine, and an orchestra of thirty-one raised their voices, violins, violas, cellos, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, French horns, trumpets, trombones, and a timpani, making glorious music! There must have been a smile on Mozart’s face somewhere in the heavens as he heard singers from Mumbai, Chennai and Sri Lanka, and musicians from the former states of the Soviet Union, soloists from Italy, all blending their talents together to form melodious harmony!
Not once did a tenor from India turn to another from Sri Lanka, or a soprano from Mumbai to one from Chennai, or soloist from India to an Italian and say, “Hey, that’s not how we sing here!”
Instead, together they produced divine harmony!
Music from around the world sounded the same: Voices sang same notes, same way! Music scores had same print, similar notations, quite often same numbered page.
How unifying, the power of music!
And as my ears still hear the awesome voices singing Mozart’s Requiem and his Coronation Mass, the instruments sensationally resounding in the auditorium, as my eyes still see the petite figure of conductor Coomi Wadia, producing divine harmony with such a diverse group, I ask but one question, “Why can’t it be so with the world?”
Mozart composed, with his mind filled with pictures of magnificence. He drew from those images of peace, of love, and with quill and ink made the divine, worldly for us.
Can’t we who look for differences amongst our fellow men, raise our vision, and instead of seeing dissimilarities with our neighbor, differences of colour, unfamiliarity of language, and variation in worship, instead raise our glances like Mozart did, and feel same abiding peace and love, and gathering those grand emotional passions, raise our thoughts to a blending of glorious harmony?
Today, our world needs the harmony of Mozart. As presidents talk of building walls to shut others out, as leaders plant discord in the minds of communities, as men and women with bombs strapped on themselves or carrying sharp edged stones inflict injury, physical and mental on innocents, it is time to lift our eyes, so that, instead of producing screams of agony, shouts of vengeance, cries of anger, those same sounds will change, voices soften, tones sweeten, and divine music fill the world’s air!
’Twas just over two years ago, seventy-three voices and an orchestra of thirty-one raised their voices, violins, violas, cellos, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, french horns, trumpets, trombones, and a timpani and made glorious music! All blending to form melodious harmony!
Let us, like them, raise our eyes, our minds, and imbibe the strains of glorious thought, flowing, blending, balancing, and producing a divine blend of worldly harmony!
Let us together, in all that we say, think, and do, produce delightful music together..!


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Produce Sweet Music Together..!”

  1. So true, Robert, the unifying power of music! Why can we all not be so? Though, believing in the goodness of mankind in general, I am certain Covid 19 will have made most “take stock” and soften their hearts and minds. At least, I hope so!

  2. Wish our world was as harmonious as Mozart’s compositions. This world would’ve been a much better place to live in

  3. If we take music as a metaphor for the actions of mankind we,
    ’’ the most intelligent ‘’
    of all species created by God can form a tight wall of harmony and ensure nobody puts a wedge through it , and make the world a wonderful place to live in !
    Animals not only live in absolute harmony in the forest they even maintain its ecology.
    We should learn from them instead of calling them
    ’’ animals “ !

  4. When composers..musicians..singer’s get together to compose a melody and harmony of voices..no one takes the credit for humble beginnings..it is for the audience to hear and judge and enjoy..everyone is happy they have contributed for the good of the other..without which it would not have happened..but not for those who pride themselves that others have worked and the credit goes to a few..then it becomes discredit and damage..

  5. Perfect harmony needs strictly complying with the notes assigned to one singer/player of the musical instrument. It means to have a keen ear to listen to the pitch of the other instruments ,to modulate one’s own voice and to co-operate with the group. When one attempts to dominate the scene then discordant notes arise . The peace and harmony lose their place. Harmony mandates placing the other above oneself.

  6. No wonder Shakespeare said,If music be the food of love,play on.We forget food as music excites us. But we love singing as one group of music lovers. As Job says there’s music in the spheres. Harmony of movement thus happens. The angelic choir displays the love and peace shared

  7. In the heavens the Angel’s altogether sing of the glory of God..the one who wanted the glory for himself was thrust down even below the earth and remains there forever..proud men will fall..those creating ruckus between humans can never have a happy heart to sing joyfully..

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