Knowing the Shepherd..!

Nothing in life can compare
With the thrill of knowing God
And knowing He knows you.

“Why d’you bring God so often into your column?” asked someone angrily to me one day.
“Can’t help it,” I replied, “He is my Shepherd!!”
In the movie The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, there is a touching scene between Mick Kelly and Mr. Singer. Mick is a young girl who is deeply fascinated with music. Mr. Singer is a boarder who lives in the Kelly house. Mick wants to share with Mr. Singer the joy she finds in music, but the man is deaf. So, one day Mick brings her record player up to Mr. Singer’s room and puts on a Mozart record.
As the music plays, she gestures with her hands and arms, trying to give Mr. Singer an idea of what the music is doing. She makes big sweeping gestures as the music grows in volume and complexity, and smaller gestures when the music softer. Mr. Singer sits there and nods and smiles as he watches Mick. Then the record is over, but Mr. Singer keeps nodding and smiling as if it were still going on.
Mick realizes that she cannot really communicate to him all that she experiences in the music. She can only give him a vague idea of what it’s all about. But she did it because she loved the music, and because she loved Mr. Singer and wanted to share with him the most important thing in her life. Mr. Singer knew what she was trying to do, but he also knew that there was more than he was equipped to grasp.
After this scene, a priest who was at the theatre turned to his companion beside him and whispered: “it’s so much like sharing our experience of God.”
Once, at a family reunion, a famous Shakespearean actor was persuaded to demonstrate his skills at eloquence. In consenting, he insisted that someone suggest a passage for recitation. A clergyman, also a member of the family, suggested the Psalm of the Good Shepherd (which incidentally is my favourite Psalm). The actor agreed on one condition, that the priest recite the same psalm after he had finished. “I’m no orator,” protested the preacher taken aback, “but if that’s what you want, I will.”
The actor rendered the Psalm excellently. His voice and diction were perfect. Everybody hung on his lips. At the end of his ‘performance’ the applause was deafening.
Then came the priest’s turn to declaim the Psalm. As he began his voice sounded somewhat hoarse, and the diction was shaky. But the words came alive and the atmosphere seemed pervaded with a mysterious spirit. When he finished there were a few moments of reverential silence; not a few of those present had tears in the eyes.
The actor stood up and in a quivering voice said, “I reached your eyes and ears; but our priest here reached your hearts. The reason is simple: I know the psalm – but he knows the Shepherd..!”


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9 thoughts on “Knowing the Shepherd..!”

  1. Praise the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me, praise His holy name…Psalm 103:1-5 Make it yours too along with Psalm 23. So much blessed!

  2. The true Lord, the Creator, watches over and rejoices while tending all His creations in the manner of a Shepherd; that’s His greatness! God bless!

  3. Thank you for sharing your favourite psalm with the nice story. King David, a shepherd boy once, was a man after God’s own heart and enthroned Him in his heart trusting Him at all times, comforted by His Spirit in season and out of season. Jesus was born of his line. May we find peace in following our Good Shepherd as His sheep.

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