Know Your God..!

The problem with the new airport in Mumbai is that every time you visit, there’s been a change, and this time I drove up a ramp that was meant for VIP parking, to which I certainly didn’t belong to!
“Sir, please go forward then reverse out!” said the attendant politely. I moved forward then looked back to reverse the big car and realized that because it was a slope, I couldn’t see the road behind, and because today’s modern cars have tiny back windows, couldn’t see the sides or anything.
After having driven cars for well nigh forty years, I felt like a learner driver!
I was scared to reverse as I could hit the side walls, or barricades they’d set up.
Now there are going to many of you who are going to say, “Why didn’t you look at the rear camera Bob?”
I did. I’d installed the camera when I’d bought the car, but on one of my bumpy rides on the city’s potholed roads it had come off. I thought it was fixed back, but hadn’t asked my driver if it was working and now I wondered if it was tilted or hanging on a wire and showing the path behind me or the side road or just empty space!
I reversed a bit and felt the car swing to the left and heard the attendant blow his whistle in panic. Finally, in sheer embarrassment I drove forward turned the car around and drove back not before seeing the sneering attendants nodding at each other, most certainly saying, “Learner driver!”
No, I wasn’t! All that had happened, was that I hadn’t trusted the rear-view camera!
Was it working? Was it showing another road? I had no idea! There I was at a time of crisis, a reasonably good driver, not sure whether I could handle the situation!
How many of us go through the same I wondered as I drove back? Quite happy to go to our religious functions, say our prayers, sing the hymns and suddenly at a time when we need to use faith realize we are not sure about the God, we are supposed to repose our faith in? Is He capable? Can we trust Him?
I guess it’s the same reason, I couldn’t reverse my car because I hadn’t checked the product.
Have you? Have you studied your faith deeply? Read every chapter of your scriptures? Heard people speaking of how God helped them in moments of turmoil? Prayed?
Or, like me, will you have to drive away with the attendants whispering, “Learner driver!”
Get to know God! Test Him with prayer! Know Him through His Word!
Then drive through a crisis like a professional..!




4 thoughts on “Know Your God..!”

  1. A thought provoking article that shows us how dumb n daft we are in many mundane jobs. We try to approach A Perfect God as imperfect human beings.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot of people say they have utmost faith in God. My God will never leave me nor forsake me. Yet when there’s trouble around or even rumours of trouble, the first thing they do is start doubting. Conclusion: having faith is not enough we must apply our faith

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