Just Be Yourself..!

Today what the world needs are individuals.

What we see more than before are clones. Though we are all created to look different, think different and speak different, we find safety in being similar, and therein lies the problem. In similarity comes lack of conviction and courage. We don’t want to stand out and be different. We feel we’re asking for trouble if we do so, and in a strange way cloning is thus taking place using a different process than the Dolly method.

But do we want to be clones? This article sent to me by e-mail makes interesting reading:

Tallulah Bankhead quipped, “Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it. “But the truth is … we DO have trouble being ourselves, don’t we? Especially in a world that wants us to conform.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world that is doing its best day and night into making you like everybody else,” said poet E.E. Cummings, “is to fight the hardest battle there is and never stop fighting.”

One of the deepest cravings of young people, especially teens is to be liked by their peers. They want to be accepted. Like all of us, they want to be valued. It’s during those critical teen-age years, according to Earl Nightingale, they begin to play a game called “Follow the Follower.”

“The game is not the same as “Follow the Leader.” “Following the follower is about conforming…talking, dressing, acting and thinking like one another. Everyone follows everyone else.

In adulthood, we discover who we really are and do our best to grow into that person. We find our value, not in acceptance by others, but because we believe in our worth. It’s a wonderful day when we can say in honesty. “I know who I am and I’m glad I am me.”

The lovable children’s author Dr. Seuss got it right when he wrote, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

“It takes strength to swim against the tide.”

“It takes courage to speak your convictions.”

“It takes trust to act on your own intuitions.”

In the end, your success will always be a result of your being true to yourself rather than an imitation of somebody else.

You’ll never have to give an account for not being more like your favourite celebrity, that shining star in your chosen field or anybody else. However, at the end of my life, the question I never want to be asked is, “How come you weren’t more like you? You had such great potential. You were a wholly unique person – an unrepeatable creation. Why you weren’t more like you?”

Whatever your ambitions, your greatest success will be derived from your being the best YOU possible. In a world that wants you to conform – be yourself. It’s a challenging and rewarding job…and nobody can do it as well as you..!


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4 thoughts on “Just Be Yourself..!”

  1. Thanks, Bobby, for today’s reminder of contributing our uniqueness to build a multi talented society. The song, I love you because you’re you’,comes to mind. In the movie,Sister Act, the Mother Superior advised the nuns to blend in with the shoppers in the Mall,in their habit, was a joke. But we mustn’t compromise on our identity in Christ🙏

  2. We are not what we say or do , we are what we think .
    We need to accept ourselves, recognise our worth and potential.
    Then think deeply about what we want to be and let our words and actions depict our thoughts and be our own unique selves.
    After all, an original is worth much more than a copy !

    “I think , therefore I am !”
    René Descartes

  3. Very true Bob It’s so important for each of us to be our own person Often people try to blend in with the crowd because they haven’t as yet discovered who they really are But when we find Christ we truly find ourselves and discover our unique identity in Him And that helps us to live a life being ourselves and fulfilling our purpose

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