I’m From the Boy’s Side..!

I was in Jodhpur for a wedding two years ago, and decided that instead of seeing the forts and palaces and jewelry and other artifacts, that google so kindly had pictures of, I would go around meeting the locals, and I did just that, including a delightful conversation with three majors from the Indian army, all of them women!
But it was at the wedding reception on the last day, as the Marwar community who were from the boys side enjoyed the many delicacies, talked to me and told me what to eat and what not to, as they also told me about their land of Rajasthan, that I stretched out my hand to shake to a newcomer who’d joined the group.
He didn’t take my extended hand, but looked at it, with total disregard.
“He’s from the boy’s side!” whispered the villager next to me, “You are from the girl’s side!”
I put down my hand a bit puzzled, but as realization dawned on me, I smiled at him and he smiled back.
It was no insult, maybe a custom, maybe not even a custom but just the way he felt about himself being from the boy’s side and I stored it in my memory.
But that morning as I sat in Jodhpur, before flying back to Bombay, a thought about the same incident came to my mind, “God sent His son down to us, not only to die, but also for Jesus to understand everything about us!”
Oh yes, I’m sure, an all knowing creator knew everything about His creation, but with Jesus being born a man, He also felt the feelings we did, like if someone had not taken my proffered hand otherwise, I would have considered it an insult, but standing there, seeing his face, and hearing the explanation, it made sense, and I understood.
Jesus came to understand the pain of grief, as in Mary and Martha.
The sadness of disappointment as with the woman at the well.
The injustice of condemnation as with the woman accused of adultery.
The agony of Zacchaeus, and the heart wrenching pathos of the blind and lame.
He came down to actually go through the emotions we go through, and as Max Lucado so beautifully portrays a child Jesus, falling while playing and crying as his knees bleed. Yes, He came to feel our pain. He wept. He sighed.
And He healed!
Later that evening I remember, I walked round with the same man as he showed me other sights, I had not seen, explained details I had taken for granted, but he did not take my hand.
God, above must have smiled, “Do you understand why I sent Jesus down Bob?”
“Yes!” I whisper.
“Then tell others..!”


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6 thoughts on “I’m From the Boy’s Side..!”

  1. Yes Jesus came to take our side, a poor sinner so that we may have eternal life through Him. Blessed be His name, My Jesus!!

  2. Thank you again for yet another interesting write up with the reflections on the Lord of Life’s emotions of love, pain and justice. If you were from the boy’s side, he’d have hugged you The culture in the North is patriarchal unlike theSouth

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