Hoisting a Balanced Flag..!

I stood at attention as the strains of our beloved National Anthem ended, and the National Flag was hoisted. I watched as those around me walked away for their light refreshments, and then heard voices around me, “It’s not balanced!”
“Yes, sadly it isn’t!” said another familiar voice.
“Of course it is!” I snarled without turning around, “The pole is balanced. The flag is also balanced. See how it waves in the wind!”
“It’s not pole or flag, we speak about!” said the first voice gently, “It’s the colours! They aren’t balanced anymore!”
I turned around slowly and realised I stood alone, next to the just hoisted flag. “I hear your voices!” I whispered, “But can see no one!”
“We are here for your flag hoisting!” said the first voice.
“And you said there was no balance, and I said there is!” I replied.
“But there isn’t anymore!” said the second voice, sounding even more sadder, “Just look at your flag!”
I looked and could see nothing wrong, “When we got it made!” said the first voice, “The saffron, white and green were equally balanced!”
“It is!” I said.
“What we can see, you can’t!” said the second voice, “And the imbalance which may sound good to some, and may also have brought politicians to power, will soon create huge problems!”
“Only an equal balance of the three colours will keep the country stable!” the two voices said together.
I looked hard at the flag and saw how right they were. The shade on top was slowly spreading, but as it spread down, it was causing hurt to the colours below, who were weeping silently!”
“Can you see what is happening when one colour tries to grab the whole flag?” asked the first voice.
“Yes!” I said, “it’s a different flag I see!”
“It’s only in balance and proportion the country can stand proud and alone..”
“..and strong and independent!” said the second voice.
I saw the others coming back to the flag, “Why are you standing and staring at the flag?” they asked.
“It’s not balanced!” I said.
“That’s okay!” some said.
“No!” I whispered, “It will not work any other way except if the colours are balanced! Look around you, democracy has failed in all the nations where any one colour tries to dominate. Don’t let this happen here!”
“Keep telling them!” I heard the voices of Gandhiji and Nehru who I knew had fought and won our freedom, “Keep telling them, that only through balance in those three colours of saffron, white and green can we remain a great country and an Independent India. Jai Hind..!”


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6 thoughts on “Hoisting a Balanced Flag..!”

  1. We can say and feel proud of our nation and our national anthem but, are we pleased with the present situation in our nation? Like you said Bobby, the balance is absent .

  2. Wonderful reminder dear Bobby,truthfully spoken and fairly assessed in your brilliant write up! Unity in diversity is lacking in the present governance. Our independence is at stake. Our peace is endangered.

  3. Well expressed, Bob. Unity in diversity, has been drilled into our heads from kindergarten. Looking around today, I’ll say that diversity is present, but unity is absent. Don’t want to sound cynical, the great Congress party appears to be a thing of the past. The mighty mogul empire had collapsed leaving the country wide open. The balance had disappeared. To rub salt into the injury, our country was not taken over by a mighty and powerful nation, but by a miniscule trading company. Have we learnt from history? Is history repeating itself?

  4. You’ve portrayed the point so creatively Bob Yes our tricolour needs to stay balanced for our country to truly be a democracy Happy Independence Day!

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