Eyesight Improvement Technique..!

While walking in the park I passed an elderly gentleman, a friend of mine, who seemed to be walking a tad slowly and pensively, “A penny for your thoughts?” I asked.
“Just realizing I’m getting old!” he said sadly, and at that time his daughter passed him by, walking briskly, smiling at her dad as she walked past.
“But there’s a lot of good memories that you have!” I said.
“Yes!” he agreed.
“And a lot of good things that have happened over the years you have to be thankful for!”
“Yes,” he agreed again, “Though it worries me that my eyes are getting weaker!”
“But your remembrances of those good things should make you thankful!” I said.
We stopped and I told him of something I’d just read, “Did you know that the English word “thanks” comes from the same root as the word “think”? And they not only share a similar background, they are related in another way. It seems the more we think, the more we thank.”
My old friend looked at me, his eyes interested in what I was saying, “I’m going to tell you of a woman who visited her eye doctor,” I said, “This lady complained to her ophthalmologist that as she grew older, her eyesight was getting worse. He examined her eyes and could not be encouraging about the future of her eyesight.”
“But to his surprise, she did not seem to be upset. She told him all she was grateful for: her deceased husband; her children and their families; her friends; the many years she had enjoyed upon this earth; her vast library of memories. She had done a great deal of thinking about these things.”
“My eyesight is getting worse,” she summarized, “but I’m not going to fret over that.”
Her doctor later made this observation: “Her eyesight is poor, but her vision is better than most people!”
She clearly saw what many never see — all the good in her life. And she was content.
The old man had a twinkle in his eyes now as he looked at me and said, “I understand Bob, when we take time to think, and make time to thank, we see more clearly!”
“Yes,” I said, “I think thankfulness is a great way to improve our vision!”
I left the old man and continued my faster paced walk. His daughter walked by and asked, “What did you do to my dad, there’s a spring in his walk?”
I laughed as I whispered, “I think his eyesight has improved..!”





13 thoughts on “Eyesight Improvement Technique..!”

  1. Gratitude is a great multiplier, if you want to have more, Express your gratitude for what you have, he who has will be given more.

  2. I love all of your write ups.
    I enjoy reading them at leisure and then forward to my friends to brighten up their spirit.
    Thank you.

  3. Life is truly seen in its passing, thankfulness is the first religion embedded in all religions. If one is in a state of His thankfulness u require no earthly religion.

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