Dare to Be Unique..!

Today, I’m going to draw from my book DARE again, and if you’ve read the book, do bear with me!
It was the last choral practice before the final performance, and as I stood, along with the rest of the choir, and watched our conductor, Coomi Wadia, with deft movement and nimble switch, raising our voices to glorious heights, I chanced to look down at my music score: Did the notes on my sheet look different from that of the score belonging to the singer next to me? Did the soloist, who’s majestic voice we’d just heard have a music score with more dynamic notes than mine?
No, we all had the same piece of music.
Maybe some in the choir had taken pains to have a folder with more shine than mine. But the notes. Yes, the notes, were the same for not just the singers in this choir, but also those who sang in the best choirs in the world! And as I stared at those musical notes, so plain looking, and so ordinary, I realized that within those markings lay the most divine music, but could only be released from the pages by the passion, the depth, the exquisiteness of the voice that sang them.
And at the concert, as I watched the conductor finish the piece to the standing ovation of the crowd, I realized that the score I held in my hand was like life that was handed out to me. Life, which contained all the essentials needed for the grandeur of achievement and high fulfillment. Notes that were written to excite and entertain, to take me to the greatest heights. I could either raise my voice, use tone and pitch to sing out, and raise myself to levels I’d never envisaged I’d reach, or look down sullenly at score, stare blankly at what life had handed over to me, cry at my shabby folder which had no gilded binding, and curse those whose music books looked more elegant than mine, forgetting that the score we had was the same.
Look up my friend from same notes given to all, and give melodious sound to produce divine melody.
Look up dear reader, to create something new, bold and beautiful, with what the Conductor, in fluid motion whispers silently you can achieve!
The notes are the same: Black notations and bars with spaces between but the sound you produce from that same page could be breathtakingly beautiful: The sky, no boundary for your crescendo, the earth below for deep compassion. Take those notes that life has given you, and raise yourself to be the best!
Dare to be Unique..!


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6 thoughts on “Dare to Be Unique..!”

  1. Aren’t we all unique? Maybe to different degrees, but unique indeed.
    All that matters is the perception of the viewer.
    So don’t worry & carry on as per your own belief.

  2. Praise the Creator of our talent in us, the Conductor of our life who directs us if we seek His cues,the time of our life if we use it to redeem it by doing joyfully our best in the opportunity He gives us and reap the fruit in time being blessed and a blessing to others.

  3. We all are gifted in a way. It is up to us to excel in our talents . Though we can’t all be stars in the sky we can still aspire to be a lamp at home .
    Very inspiring and heartening banter !

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