Clothed Yet Naked..!

Very often we lead double lives, one for people to see and another we think is known only to ourselves. We are the most pious in church or temple, but cheat in business or office or school, and think people don’t know what hypocrites we are. But we may be sadly mistaken!
There lived many years ago a poor family, comprising a woodcutter, his wife and three pretty daughters. The woodcutter would go out in the morning to the forest and work through the day returning in the evening with his measly earnings which was just about enough to feed his family.
His wife however was quite dissatisfied and as she looked out of her window and saw the houses of her neighbors and saw how well they lived she was determined to do as well. “Why don’t you work like our neighbors wives do?” asked the poor woodcutter as she continued bemoaning their poverty night after night.
“What?” asked the woodcutter’s wife, “you want me to work in a factory ten hours a day? These hands are not meant for slogging!”
“Well that’s one way we could buy a bigger house you want,” said the woodcutter but his wife smiled and went to bed and the woodcutter wondered what sinister plan she had in mind. He soon knew.
When her three daughters were old enough and she found men looking at them in a special way she took them to town and introduced them to the worlds oldest profession. Not only where her daughters told to sleep with customers but she also taught them to dance with them, treat them like royalty and even how to relax the poor men with a much needed massage.
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The children did not much care for what they were doing but as they saw the wealth they were bringing in, as they saw a better house being built and as they felt neighbors envying their money they knew their mother had got them onto a good thing.
Soon their fame spread through the whole town and there was not a man who had not spent a portion of his money on these three worthy women, with the mother also sometimes thrown in as a bonus. The woodcutter knew what was happening but the money shut his mouth.
Every Sunday he took his family to church. And every Sunday the mother shouted, “Girls! I want you all to dress like decent young women; long skirts, shawls over your arms and shoulders and a hood on your head!”
And every Sunday the whole town laughed at the family as they made their way to church, trying to look like the most respectable family in town, covering every part of their body; arms, legs and face.
But to all the men in the town they were still naked..!


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2 thoughts on “Clothed Yet Naked..!”

  1. The love of money is the root of all evil. Thank God my mother choseGod over mammon. My dad, a govt. officer wouldn’t be paid for months after a transfer.So my mum sold her gold,that she loved, denied herself fruit so we could eat them and had two blouses that she stitched while we had impressive clothing.Money was never discussed only morals were taught with advice on how to be safe.

  2. True Bob Masks don’t last long as eventually they wear off It ultimately boils down to our priorities and values in life

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