Building CRASH With No Support..!

As I read about the collapse of yet another building in Mumbai, I find that this one had repairs going on, when the staircase crumbled, bringing down portions of the wings on both sides.
A little ten-year old girl was killed.
“How can a building fall, when it’s being repaired?” we ask and the fault quite often lies in temporary support given which is inadequate.
Time and time again, I have seen major repairs being undertaken on beam and column with a solitary bamboo or one thin steel rod for support, and have to remind a contractor the risk of playing with precious lives.
Most times we too are fooled by props installed.
And I’m not talking of only buildings!
Many years ago, during my teens I loved arguing with those in authority, very often with those in religious fields. This generally took place when we were in groups. I never knew I was leaving many confused about their belief systems after what I thought then were my clever arguments.
One day, a friend, much older than I was, told me something I’ve never forgotten, “Bob,” he said, “If you can’t give someone a new and better prop to lean on, don’t take away his old one!”
I have never forgotten those words.
“I don’t agree with you!” we say with bold brashness and to the admiring glances of our peer group pull down class teacher, preacher or parent. Quite often the person we are tearing apart, like a building needing repair is old, and does not know how to fight back, but more than that the others listening have now lost the only prop they were leaning on, even if it was old and fragile.
Till, you yourself have a convincing prop to give them, or are a strong support for them, do not pull down the old one.
Today, as the world over, I see old thinking and thinkers being criticized and new methods introduced, that are only polarizing society, I ask myself, “Why are you breaking what kept country and world standing?”
“Just look at these props! So shiny and new!”
“But have they been tested for strength? Are they reliable?”
“Who cares, we just want to pull down the old and install these!”
And with a heave and a push, a convincing argument, a fooling of the masses, with forceful rhetoric we allow unqualified contractors to pull out the old and put in the unknown new!
My friend, who lives quite close to the building which collapsed said, “Bob, it was a mighty crash!”
And mighty crashes we will soon hear, when we tear apart another’s faith, another’s language or another’s eating habits without reasonable props! Mighty crashes we will hear as banks fall, industries collapse, economy nosedives, and a nation finally caves in.
Either give time-tested, value based props as support, or, learn to leave well alone..!





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